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tax reform and acceleration and inclusion act pdf

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Both sugar-sweetened beverage consumption and the incidence of obesity have increased in the Philippines in recent years. A proposal to tax sugar-sweetened beverages was introduced in the House of Representatives and merged into a proposed comprehensive Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion TRAIN Bill to increase the likelihood of acceptance. The health department and finance department recommended a policy that would maximize benefits to both public health and government revenue. The approved TRAIN Law adopted the term sweetened beverage to emphasize that the tax covers both sugar and non-sugar sweetened beverages. The tax rate was set to 6.

[PDF] RA 10963 Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN)

This tax reform package corrects a longstanding inequity of the tax system by reducing personal income taxes for 99 percent of taxpayers, thereby giving them the much needed relief after 20 years of non-adjustment of the tax rates and brackets. This is the biggest Christmas and New Year gift the government is giving to the people. For the poorest 10 million households, the government is giving them targeted cash transfers of PHP per month in and P per month in and , sourced from higher consumption taxes that the rich will contribute, as well as better social services, healthcare, and education. All these will prepare the people for better job opportunities. The vetoed five line items are the following provisions:. Zero-rating of sales of goods and services to separate customs territory and tourism enterprise zones;.

The prominent features of the tax reform are lower personal income tax and higher consumption tax. The exemption for minimum wage earners is retained in the revised tax system. On the other hand, consumption taxes , in the form of higher excise tax on tobacco products, petroleum products, automobiles, tobacco, and additional excise tax on sweetened beverages and non-essential, invasive cosmetic procedures were introduced. It also expanded the VAT base by repealing exemption provisions in numerous special laws. The TRAIN Act is aimed to generate revenue to achieve the and vision of the Duterte administration, [3] namely, to eradicate extreme poverty, to create inclusive institutions that will offer equal opportunities to all, and to achieve higher income country status.

Development of a sweetened beverage tax, Philippines

This site uses cookies for analytics, marketing, and other purposes as described in our Privacy Policy. Download PDF Version. Forgot my password. While the individual and pass-through e. The reduced tax rate of 21 percent, from 35 percent, is certain to increase the popularity of corporations. The benefits increase the longer earnings are retained and deferred from additional tax e. S-to-C corporation conversions have been made more taxpayer-friendly in an effort to ensure C corporations are not only more competitive internationally under the new law, but also domestically.

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Committee Chairmanship. Committee Directory. Starting January 1, , compensation income earners, self-employed and professional taxpayers SEPs whose annual taxable incomes are P, or less are exempt from the personal income tax PIT. Fiscal incentives are subsidies, tax reliefs and preferential tax treatment that are usually given to registered enterprises and priority sectors to promote and encourage investments and development. The power of taxation is an inherent and plenary prerogative of the State, its exercise being only limited by the Bill of Rights enshrined in the Philippine Constitution download A compilation of selected Supreme Court cases in taxation In terms of bills on taxation, some of the well-established applicable rules are the origination rule, the rule of uniformity and equitability, progressivity, and the one subject one title rule.

Corporate Tax Reform - Summary of New Laws Taking Effect

Revenue Issuances. Amends pertinent provisions of Sections 9 and 10 under RR No. Further amends certain provisions of RR No. Amends certain provisions of RR No.

It is the most sweeping change to the U. The final legislation also increased the standard deduction, which will likely lower the number of U. Below and in the tabs above are documents relating to the legislative process in both the House and Senate, along with answers to common questions about the legislation and how it will affect higher education.

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The Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Act, officially cited as Republic Act No. , is the initial package of the Comprehensive Tax Reform​.



Begun and held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-fourth day of July, two thousand seventeen.

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TAX REFORM FOR ACCELERATION AND INCLUSION signed into law Package 1 of the Comprehensive Tax UNDER RA OR THE TRAIN LAW lieu of the manual receipts and sales/commercial invoices for taxpayers engaged in.