Types Of Drill Bits And Their Uses Pdf

types of drill bits and their uses pdf

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Drill bits are a vital element to include in the tool kits of DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Without them, it would be impossible to perform basic construction tasks. From drilling and fixing the frame on a roof to hanging pictures, no job is too big or small for drill bits.

For so many reasons we need to make a hole in various materials and there are many ways, you will find to make a hole.

Before you can decide which type of drill bit to use for a particular job, you would want to first know their construction and recommended application. With this guide of drill bit types and their applications, you will always use the right drill bit for different applications. Before we get into the drill bit types, we need to understand which materials are used to make the drill bits. The most common materials used in the making of drill bits include the following. Other than the tough materials used in making the drill bits, they will also have special coatings to make them better.

types of drill bits pdf

Before you can decide which type of drill bit to use for a particular job, you would want to first know their construction and recommended application. With this guide of drill bit types and their applications, you will always use the right drill bit for different applications. Before we get into the drill bit types, we need to understand which materials are used to make the drill bits.

The most common materials used in the making of drill bits include the following. Other than the tough materials used in making the drill bits, they will also have special coatings to make them better. The coatings will be made of black oxide, titanium nitride, and bronze oxide. The black oxide coating is the most common and economical. It is important for protecting the drill bits against rust, relieving stress on the bit, and so much more. The same applies to the other coatings only that they are better.

There are many drill bit types on the market right now. However, we want to look at the most common you are likely to encounter when looking for drill bits. The twist drill bits must be the most common drill bits you will encounter in the market right now.

They come with spiral patterns on them for drilling and removing debris from the hole they make in the material. The twist drill bits are ideal to be used on metal, plastic, timber, and related materials. Such drill bits will either be made from high speed steel or carbon steel. The high-speed steel is good for drilling into many different materials and can stand up to the high temperatures.

Carbon steel on the other hand is good for drilling wood and not metals. They are brittle bits and flex a lot more than high speed steel bits. They are designed to have a hex shank to fit in most drill types. They are seen as ideal for drilling the pilot holes. They are however limited by the low power. You might not find them having many uses and thus they are limited in availability. Also, there is no much variety when it comes to screwdriver bits.

The same cannot be said for twist bits mentioned above. It is easy to tell their application from the name of the bit. The masonry bits are commonly used for drilling into stones, quarry tiles, concrete, block, and much more. The cutting tip will be made from tungsten carbide and then coupled with a spiraled steel shaft. Some of the masonry bits will have a highly durable silicon bronze alloy for the tip.

These bits are commonly used in power drills. The aim is to have enough power so that the drill can go through the hard-concrete surface. If you need to sharpen the masonry bits, use a drill sharpener or sometimes a grindstone. You might find the spur point bit also being referred to as wood or dowel bit.

They are designed to have a central point and additional two raised spurs on the sides. The aim of these two spurs is to keep the drill bit drilling straight. It is advisable to use a power drill when working with a spur point bit. This is because it will leave a clean sided hole.

Other than drilling wood, the same can be used for drilling plastics. As for sharpening, use a fine file to sharpen the spurs and the central point at the front of the bit. Make sure that the angle between the spurs and central point is 90 degrees. At first, you might mistake a bullet pilot point bit for a spur point bit, however, this type is designed to work on metal, plastics, and wood. Still as part of the design, the bullet pilot point will have twisted flutes that are ground away.

The result is that you can now have a truer and more accurate drill bit as compared to the normal twisted bits. You will find that they make clean holes and will cause little damage to the workpiece as compared to other bits you might use. The countersink bits are essential for making a conical recess in the workpiece important for installing the countersink screws.

They are designed to work on softer materials such as plastics and timber and not metal. Use a power drill to get the best results. Some can come fitted with a handle. This allows you to make the recess in the holes by a hand twisting motion. The variation to the countersink bits is the countersink bits with clearance drill.

This combination is great as it can drill a clearance hole in combination with the countersink recess in just one go. If you have to drill into ceramic tiles and glass, then you need the tile bit. It is built to have a tungsten carbide tip. The tile bit is commonly used with a hand drill or a power drill running at slow speed. When drilling in glass, use some form of lubricant such as white spirit or turpentine to help keep the tip cool.

The ceramic tiles can still be drilled by using a masonry bit, but the power drill should be running at the lowest speed and with no hammer action. The hammer action might split tiles. The flatwood bit has a pointed center that guides the flat part to drill into the wood. It is designed to be used only in a power drill. The side will cut away the timber making a hole. These bits are commonly used for making large holes into the workpiece. Because of their design, they will leave a flat-bottomed hole in the piece.

If you have to use the large flatwood bits, then consider using a powerful drill so that it can push the drill into the timber. It is easy for you to sharpen this drill bit. You simply have to use a fine file, a grindstone, or an oilstone.

If you want to make large diameter holes in wood or plastic, then buy the hole saw bit. The bits can cut up to a depth of 18mm. You can get deeper versions, but they are not as common.

If you want to achieve a smooth hole, then consider using a power drill at low speeds to get it done. The Forstner bit is designed to have a flat bottom. Because of this design, it is commonly used for working on kitchen cupboard hinges and other related applications. It is best if you use it with a power drill applying the right amount of pressure to get a smooth hole.

If you use a freehand motion, it might be difficult to position and control it. Drilling large diameter holes in wood or boards will require a special wood auger bit. You will find it commonly used in a hand brace. When used correctly, it will leave you with clean, deep, and flat-bottomed holes. Use a fine file if you have to sharpen the drill bit to make it work better. The step drill bit gets its name because of the design.

Its design incorporates a stair like appearance. For this drill bit, you will find it ideal for drilling different hole sizes on a sheet metal. As much as a step drill bit can be pricey, it remains a versatile bit to own. The deeper you go, the wider the hole becomes. Anyone who needs to drill holes in different materials could use all the information about drill bit types.

We have looked at the most common options on the market right now for you to buy. At this point, you have an idea where to use the different drill bits depending on the workpiece material. You can get a set with as many different drill bits as possible if you have to work on various projects more often. Twist drill bits 2. Screwdriver bits 3. Masonry bit 4. Spur point bit 5. Bullet pilot point bit 6. Countersink bits 7.

Tile bit 8. Flatwood bit 9. Hole saw Forstner bit Wood Auger drill bit Hammer Drill vs. Impact Driver vs. Driver Drill.

Different Types of Drill Bits and Their Uses

The first oil wells were drilled in China in the 4th century or earlier. Milled tooth bits: - the cuttings structure is milled from the steel making up the cones. Indexable bits can drill rapidly and produce holes up to five times the diameter of the drill shaft. Please fill out the form to watch the presentation. Such a drill bit is called a reduced-shank or blacksmith's drill.

With dozens of drill bit types and thousands of sizes to choose from we'll explain the differences and help you choose the right drill bit for your application. On our web site we have divided these into two categories:. We have only organized them in this fashion to make selection easier. General Description: Twist drill bits are the most common type of drill bit and are used for everyday drilling in all types of material. They are also the most confusing due to the sheer number of size, tip, and material specifications.

The first thing in any drilling assembly is the bit. This chapter will help the DD gain the knowledge necessary to make intelligent recommendations regarding bit selection. The move toward integrated steerable systems makes it imperative that the DD has some input in the bit selection process because if the steerable BHA is to perform as expected the bit must not only achieve an acceptable penetration rate, but must also last for the desired footage while allowing the DD to directionally control the hole. After the bit is run the driller and the tool pusher and the DD usually grade the dull bit. This makes it easier to evaluate the bits performance and is a valuable tool in making the next bit selection. The second part of this chapter is dedicated to dull bit grading.

For a typical drill bit, the angle of the point helps determine what type of material the bit can drill. Twist Bit. A twist bit is the most common type of drill bit for home use. allows you to use a single bit to drill holes with different.

20 Types of Drill Bits (And Their Uses)

For … Their unique design allows them to channel dust from the hole as they work. Special Purpose Drill Bits In addition to the most common types of bits listed above, there is also a large variety of unique bits that make easy work of certain specialized operations. Drill bit basics The drilling bit industry is changing rapidly in the areas of manufacturing technology and the use of new materials. The first oil wells were drilled in China in the 4th century or earlier.

Drill bits are cutting tools used to remove material to create holes, almost always of circular cross-section. Drill bits come in many sizes and shapes and can create different kinds of holes in many different materials. In order to create holes drill bits are usually attached to a drill , which powers them to cut through the workpiece, typically by rotation.

Since their first production in , the popularity of bits using PDC cutters has grown steadily, and they are nearly as common as roller-cone bits in many drilling applications. Also known as high-speed bits, they resemble corkscrews and are some of the most popular bits. They had depths of up to meters and were drilled using bits attached to bamboo poles. The control variables considered were prepreg type 3 types and form unidirectional UD and woven , together with drill feed rate 0.

types of drill bits pdf

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Drill Bit Maintenance Tips

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