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Your dentist may recommend that you get your teeth scaled. This procedure is generally conducted along with root planing. Teeth scaling and root planing help to treat chronic periodontal disease otherwise known as gum disease.

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43. Scaling and Root planning

Show all documents Clinical and microbiological evaluation of locally delivered tetracycline as an adjunct to scaling and root planing and its comparison to scaling and root planing in patients with chronic periodontitis controlled delivery devices placed directly into the periodontal pocket.

Local administration of antibiotics has attracted the attention of many investigators and it was reasoned that, by placing a drug delivery device close to the site of disease activity, effective drug levels could be achieved much above the minimum inhibitory concentration of the pathogenic flora. They also could be maintained for prolonged periods using only a few milligrams of a potent antibiotic Goodson, and Greenstein, Several intrapocket devices have been described including ethyl vinyl acetate ethyl cellulose films, white petrolatum carriers, collagen films, etc.

Tetracycline as a local drug delivery system has been shown to be effective in the treatment of periodontal disease amongst all local delivery drug system as measured by a decreased pocket depth, attachment level gain, reduction of bleeding on probing and reduction in periodontal pathogens Radvar, ; Kinane, In addition, tetracycline has also demonstrated substantivity in subgingival environment Baker, The aim of this study was to clinically and microbiologically evaluate the therapeutic efficacy of controlled release tetracycline fibers as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in the treatment of chronic periodontitis.

Patient with debilitating systemic diseases Each of the patient selected for the study was asked to fill a case history performa in form of a questionnaire. Various demographic variables such as age, sex, and education level of the patients were recorded. Oral and periodontal examinations were done. The details of the study were explained and written consent was obtained from all the patients. The therapy of all the cases included oral hygiene instructions, scaling and root planing using ultrasonic scalers and subgingival curettes.

The procedure for each patient was completed over two sittings by a single clinician. Constant clinical parameters in form of fixed scaler tip design, speed, and water spray settings were assured to rule out any bias. Subgingival plaque samples were taken from pocket with the help of curette before scaling and root planing.

The sites were divided into two different quadrants having a probing depth of 5 to 7 mm. Control site scaling and root planing was performed. After the procedure, both the experimental site and control site were covered with periodontal dressing. The patients were given oral hygiene instructions. Systemic doxycycline as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in diabetic patients with periodontitis: a systematic review and meta-analysis when patients are given systemic doxycycline as com- pared to just SRP.

On the contrary, other studies showed results that are contradictory to the previous results stating that there is no significant increase in CAL in the group that has received SRP with sys- temic doxycycline as compared to the group of pa- tients treated with SRP after 3 months [10].

In terms of HbA1c levels, some studies suggested that there is a marked reduction in HbA1c levels in group with SRP with systemic doxycycline as compared to the control group which only had SRP. On the other hand, Promsudthi et al.

There is a need to identify the effi- cacy of the systemic doxycycline in improving the periodontal health and glycemic control in diabetic patients with periodontitis given the lack of concrete evidence to show improved metabolic control and periodontal status when systemic doxycycline is used as an adjunct to scaling and root planing. This review based on a systematic search will identify the eligible studies and analyse data to determine the efficacy of systemic doxycycline as an adjunct to scaling and root planing in diabetic patients with periodontitis.

Comparative Evaluation of the Efficacy of Ozonated Water and Chlorhexidine Irrigation along with Scaling and Root Planing and Scaling and Root Planing alone in Chronic Periodontitis Patients A Clinico Microbiological Study Abstract:- Periodontal disease is a multifactorial inflammatory disease associated with oral anaerobic species like Porphyromonas gingivalis and Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans in the subgingival environment.

Traditionally elimination of periopathogen containing biofilms was done by scaling and root planing. Subsequently adjunctive antimicrobial agents such as topical antibiotics and antiseptics were used along with scaling and root planing. Chlorhexidine was commonly used as an adjunct in periodontal therapy.

But prolonged use of chlorhexidine may cause mucosal desquamation, tooth staining, altered taste sensation, impaired wound healing and reduced attachment of fibroblast. In recent decades, ozone is considered to be an alternative oral antiseptic agent because it is a stronger antimicrobial agent and does not induce microbial resistance.

A randomized controlled trial, 45 patients were examined and were divided into 3 groups depending on the treatment plan. Scaling and root planing alone in group 1, chlorhexidine irrigation along with scaling and root planning in group 2, and ozonated water irrigation along with scaling and root planning in group 3. The assessment was carried out on the baseline, at 20 days and 40 days. On Microbiological examination, group 3 showed highest reduction on the 20th day followed by group 2 and group 1, but by the 40th day group 2 showed better results followed by group 3 and group 1.

It was concluded that ozonated potential has a potential antimicrobial action on chronic periodontitis and can be. The pocket anatomy is a significant limiting factor in mechanical access and sufficient reduction of the bacterial load may not be achieved.

Certain systemic conditions may obviate the use of such invasive procedures. Success of any antimicrobial agent. Scaling and root planing is performed to remove calculus and plaque [1]. The goal of SRP is to smooth the root surface [2]. Various methods such as hand instruments, ultrasonic scalers, and recently erbium family of lasers have been used for SRP [].

Hand instruments have some advantages such as better control over the instrument, sense of touch to recognize the roughness of the surface, and obtaining a smooth surface. There are also some disadvantages such as being time consuming, the need for high level of physical force to remove calculus, bleeding, which limits vision and access, pain, lack of access to distant areas such as furcations and fissures and the resultant roughness of root surface. The aim of the study was to investigate the effects of chlorhexidine varnish along with gel application when used as an adjunct to staged scaling and root planing in chronic marginal gingivitis.

Chlorhexidine varnish cervitec plus application was carried out at the cervical margin of the tooth followed by daily application of chlorhexidine gel for 6 days. The clinical parameters plaque index and gingival index were analyzed at baseline, 1 and 2 weeks follow up. Results: After 2 weeks there was statistically significant reduction in all clinical parameters in group B as compared to group A and group C.

Group A also has significant reduction in all clinical parameters as compared to group C. Conclusion: Results indicate that a varnish- implemented strategy together with scaling and root planing is more effective for the treatment of chronic gingivitis in comparison with SRP alone.

Gingivitis occurs due to the long term effect of microorganisms present in the form of biofilms in plaque. Evaluation of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect of punicalagin Pomegranate Extract with scaling and root planing SRP and SRP alone on IL-1 beta and superoxide dismutase levels in patients with chronic periodontitis The ultimate goal of periodontal therapy is to reconstitute the tissues destroyed by periodontal disease.

Scaling and Root Planing has been the ideal choice of procedure to treat periodontal disease but complete elimination of periodontopathogens and tissue destruction is impossible. Punicalagin is the major polyphenol isolated from pomegranate, shown to possess anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. Thus, an essential component of therapy is to eliminate or control these pathogens.

This has been traditionally accom- plished through mechanical means scaling and root planing , which is time consuming, difficult, and sometimes, ineffective. From about the past 30 years, locally delivered, anti-infective pharmacological agents, most recently employing sustained release vehicles, have been introduced to achieve this goal. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to investigate the effects of metformin a popular biguanide antidiabetic on periimplant healing.

Er: YAG l as er poss esses t he best propert y for subgingival cal culus rem oval wit hout a n y thermal change in the root surface, s oft tis sue surgical procedures, root s urface alterations, degranul ation and im plant surface decont amination along wit h propos ed appli cation i n os seous surger y. Epitheli al ex clusion using CO2 l as er has ret arded its downward growt h. Mutilated teeth were included in this study. Patients with advanced periodontal disease were entered into a split mouth design to compare the results of subgingival debridement performed in conjunction with a modified Widman flap or scaling and root planning alone.

Scaling and root planing took 6 to 8 hours over a 4- week period. Oral hygiene and the gingival condition in both groups improved significantly. Both treatments resulted in a decrease in probing depth. Initial values were 4. Attachment levels improved following non-surgical therapy at 6 and 12 months, but at 24 months returned to baseline values. Surgical treatment resulted in a slight loss of attachment of 0.

When comparing single-rooted to multi-rooted teeth, there was a trend for slightly better results for single-rooted teeth. These similar results can be maintained over time in patients with proper oral hygiene levels.

An estimate of pocket closure and avoided needs of surgery after scaling and root planing with systemic antibiotics: a systematic review Background: Relevant benefits of adjunctive medication of antibiotica after conventional root surface debridement in terms of enhanced pocket depth PD reduction have been shown. However, means and standard deviations of enhanced reductions are difficult to translate into clinical relevant treatment outcomes such as pocket resolution or avoidance of additional surgical interventions.

Accordingly, the aim of this systematic review was to calculate odds ratios for relevant cut-off values of PD after mechanical periodontal treatment with and without antibiotics, specifically the combination of amoxicilline and metronidazol, from published studies. Further azithromycin exerts post antibiotic effect conferring longer protection to oral cavity [21]. On the other hand, metronidazole is widely used in periodontal therapy since organisms associated with periodontal infection are often gram negative anaerobes.

In the current study, the effectiveness of azithromycin and metronidazole was comparatively assessed in uncontrolled diabetic patients who underwent scaling and root planning. Patients who received azithromycin showed statistically significant reduction in gingival index, plaque index, pocket probing depth, and clinical attachment loss at first and third month post therapy.

The decrease in intensity of periodontal infection was comparatively higher in patients who received azithromycin than in patients who received metronidazole and SRP alone as shown in Tables As discussed earlier, the potential efficacy of azithromycin could be attributed to its ability to attain higher concentrations in the GCF making it an ideal treatment choice for chronic periodontitis [22].

The sub- jects were informed in detail about the aim and course of the study and gave written informed consent. The approval of the course of the study by the ethics com- mission Mainz number: Criteria for exclusion from this study were: presence of a sys- temic disease, treatment with antibiotics within the last six months, pregnancy, and smoking. For each patient it was decided by means of a randomization list, which tooth was to receive which type of therapy. All patients received a professional tooth cleaning three weeks prior to the treatment begin.

The measurements of the clinical parameters were performed at baseline one week before treat- ment , and one month, three and six months after treatment.

The ideal time of systemic metronidazole and amoxicillin administration in the treatment of severe periodontitis: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial Background: The combination of systemic metronidazole MTZ and amoxicillin AMX with scaling and root planing SRP has shown to be an effective periodontal treatment.

However, some essential issues associated with the use of these antibiotics remain unanswered, such as the ideal time of administration during the course of periodontal treatment. Although these agents are often prescribed after the healing phase of the SRP procedure, there is biological plausibility to support its use in conjunction with the mechanical treatment.

However, to date, no placebo controlled randomized clinical trial RCT has directly compared these two protocols. Effect of scaling and root planing on serum renal function markers in systematically healthy chronic periodontitis subjects — A controlled clinical trial Chronic periodontitis CP , the commonest type of periodontal disease caused progressive loss of attachment and bone loss.

It is closely related to several systemic diseases, such as diabetes and l disease and chronic kidney disease CKD may be due to infection and inflammation. The periodontal inflammatory state may increases the chronic inflammation present in CKD, thus decreasing renal function.

Periodontal therapy may reduce 60 years was selected. Categorized into group I and groups II. Scaling and root planing SRP was done in test group only. Comparative evaluation of ozone therapy as an adjunct to scaling and root Planing with scaling and root planing alone in cases of chronic Periodontitis- a clinical and microbiological study Background and Objectives: Ozone is well studied antimicrobial and antioxidant agent in cases of caries, hypersensitivity, but studies regarding periodontal disease are very few.

Periodontal pathogen which reside in the sub gingival area needs alternative treatment along with conventional treatment to inhibit their growth and prevent further progression of periodontal disease. One possible means is to change the subgingival environment which is shown to be highly anaerobic with a prevailing low oxygen tension.

Scaling and root planing vs. conservative surgery in the treatment of chronic periodontitis.

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Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease affecting the periodontium i. Periodontitis manifests as progressive loss of the alveolar bone around the teeth, and if left untreated, can cause loosening and subsequent loss of teeth. Periodontitis is initiated by microorganisms that adhere to and grow on the tooth's surfaces, besides an over -aggressive immune response against these microorganisms. The primary goal of periodontal therapy is to preserve the natural dentition by accomplishing and preserving a healthy functional periodontium.

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Scaling and Root planing

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