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engineering reliability fundamentals and applications ramakumar pdf

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Introduction to Reliability, Maintainability, and Safety

This paper presents an availability optimization problem of an engineering system assembled in a series configuration which has the redundancy of units and teams of maintenance as optimization parameters. The objective is to reach the maximum value of availability, considering installation and maintenance costs, weight, volume and available maintenance teams as constraints. The optimization method uses a genetic algorithm GA , which is based on biological concepts of species evolution. It is a robust method, because it does not converge to a local optimum. It does not need the use of differential calculus, facilitating the computational implementation. The final results are significantly indicative about the fitting of the GA parameters and the application of the methodology to solve engineering design problems involving systems availability. Fiori de Castro, H.

Engineering Reliability: Fundamentals and Applications

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The second part of this article shows the development of an economic design model for grid-interconnected cogeneration systems. The design model advocates a graph- and math-based methodology. Such a methodology is the foundation upon which future, more complex engineering-economic models of cogeneration systems will be built. The underlying work focuses on deriving a set of linear equations to represent the technical and economic performance of a basic combined heat and power CHP system. The vector space spanned by such equations is called the base CHP space. The CHP space is instrumental to building comprehensive design-optimization models with which cogeneration systems take into consideration a equipment performance characteristics, b regulatory requirements, c CHP demand or loads, d financial constraints, e operational and reliability goals, and f environmental requirements. Jorge B.

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Thomas Poteet III, vice president, corporate development at Mesa Solutions, walks readers through five steps to achieve resilient power, including planning for lengthy outages and finding the right standby power solution. There are varying definitions for reliability and resilience that leave us confused and assuming it all means the same thing. Keep them straight and simple with the following definitions. The biggest difficulty in making power requirement decisions is determining if the requirement is life-sustaining critical, a must-have or nice-to-have. It is a subjective discussion that brings a long list of nontechnical or, at least, nonelectrical considerations that is only further complicated by the length of your outage.

Availability optimization with genetic algorithm

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Process capability for a complete electronic product assembly , Flavia Carvalho Resende. An Investigation of electrochemomechanical actuation of conductive polyacrylonitrile PAN nanofiber composites , Mark Gonzalez. A Test setup for characterizing high-temperature thermoelectric modules , Satchit Mahajan. Scale-up of algae growth system to cleanse wastewater and produce oils for biodiesel production , Eric Lannan. Stereoscopic particle image velocimetry analysis of healthy and emphysemic acinus models , Emily Jean Berg. Improved approximations for flows of thin films , Christine Elizabeth Lowry.

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Book reviews. Engineering Reliability: Fundamentals and Applications. By R. RAMAKUMAR (Prentice-Hall,. ) [Pp. xiii + 'The ambit of re1iabilii.y is.

The CHP Space: A Basic Model

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Five (Fairly Simple) Steps to Resilient Standby Power

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This chapter presents various introductory aspects of reliability, maintainability, and safety considered useful to understand subsequent chapters.



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Emphasizing the fundamentals and applications of classical concepts in reliability engineering, this book provides comprehensive coverage on the basics of probability and random variables; the significance of reliability functions; probability distribution functions and their application in reliability evaluation; combinatorial aspects of system reliability, including the consideration of three-state devices; Markov models and the study of repairable components; a collection of approximate but useful methods for system reliability evaluation; dozens of applications for the above topics; the close relationship between reliability and economics; and accelerated testing and models.