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The Web This site. In Fig. In this circuit however, they are used to provide a stable voltage reference V Z at the base of Tr1.

Shunt Voltage Regulator: shunt regulator

The next and the last stage before load, in a power supply system is the Regulator part. Let us now try to understand what a regulator is and what it does. The part of electronics that deal with the control and conversion of electric power can be termed as Power Electronics. A regulator is an important device when it comes to power electronics as it controls the power output. For a Power supply to produce a constant output voltage, irrespective of the input voltage variations or the load current variations, there is a need for a voltage regulator.

In a power supply system, a regulator is an essential component, used to control the output power in power electronics. The power electronics can be defined as the control as well as the conversion of electrical power in the part of electronics. A voltage regulator generates a stable output for the variations in input or load. There are different types of voltage regulators like Zener, series, shunt, fixed positive, IC, adjustable, negative, dual tracking, etc. This article discusses an overview of the transistor series voltage regulator.

Voltage regulators

A voltage regulator is an electronic device which can sustain the voltage of power supply within required limits. When a reliable and steady reliable is required, then the voltage regulator is the preferred device. It gives a fixed output voltage that remains constant for any changes in an input voltage or load conditions. It acts as shield for protecting components from damages. There are two main types of DC voltage regulator depending upon the type of connection:.

Voltage Regulation. Line Regulation. Load Regulation. Series Regulator. Shunt Regulator. Switching Regulator. IC Voltage Regulator.

6 Difference Between Shunt Voltage Regulator And Series Voltage Regulator

In the power supply, voltage regulators play a key role. So before going to discuss a voltage regulator , we have to know that what is the role of a power supply while designing a system?. For instance, in any working system like a smartphone, wristwatch, computer, or laptop, the power supply is an essential part to work the owl system, because it provides consistent, reliable, and continuous supply to the inside components of the system.

Electronic Circuits - Regulators

Types of Voltage Regulators and Their Working

The series linear regulator provides a high level of performance, especially when low noise, ripple and transients are required in the regulated output. There is a good variety of circuits using discrete electronics components that provide linear regulation with a series pass element, and in addition to this, virtually all linear regulator ICs use this approach. This means that there are many options for series voltage regulators that are open when undertaking the electronic circuit design of a power supply. The series voltage regulator or series pass voltage regulator uses a variable element placed in series with the load. By changing the resistance of the series element, the voltage dropped across it can be varied to ensure that the voltage across the load remains constant.

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