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A network consists of two or more computers that are linked in order to share resources such as printers and CDs , exchange files, or allow electronic communications. The computers on a network may be linked through cables, telephone lines, radio waves, satellites, or infrared light beams.

Local area network is the computer network that connects computers within the limited area such as schools, colleges or universities.

L ocal A rea N etwork is a group of computer and peripheral devices that are connected in a limited area such as school, laboratory, home, or office building. The full form of LAN is Local Area Network, which is a widely useful network for sharing resources like files, printers, games, and other applications. The simplest type of LAN network is to connect computers and a printer in someone's home or office. In general, LAN will be used as one type of transmission medium.

Wide Area Network | Advantages and Disadvantages of WANs

Local area network is the computer network that connects computers within the limited area such as schools, colleges or universities. Local area networks , generally called LANs , are privately-owned networks. They provide a useful way of sharing resources between end users.

The resources such as printers, file servers, scanners, and internet are easily sharable among other connected computers in a network. A typical Wi-Fi LAN operates one or more wireless access points that devices within coverage area connect to.

These access points, manage network traffic which is flowing to and from the connected devices. A typical Ethernet LAN consisting of an ethernet cable to which all the machines are attached, like in our school labs, number of computers connected to each other through the common ethernet cable.

Though Ethernet and Wi-Fi are usually used in most home and office-based Local area networks, because of both the low cost and speed requirements, you can also set up a LAN with fiber optics which is more costly and provide better communication speed compared to Ethernet LAN or Wi-fi LAN. Advantages and Disadvantages of WAN. LANs are restricted in size , a local network can contain anywhere from one or two devices up to a thousand devices. Some devices like printers, scanners, and other servers stay permanently with the LAN while mobile devices like computers, laptops, and phones may connect and disconnect from the network at various times.

LAN size depends on the transmission technology used in a network. For example, The size of Wi-fi LAN can be the actual coverage area of the wireless broadband routers whereas the size of an Ethernet LAN can be up to the size of the cable. In both cases, though, Local Area Networks can be extended to cover much larger distances if required, by connecting together multiple access points or cables through a switch or hub.

Various topologies are possible to form a LANs but three core forms can be identified easily as follows:. Bus topology : All devices are connected to a backbone cable, called the bus. The Bus networks are relatively less costly and very easy to install for small networks. Ethernet systems use a bus topology. Ring topology: All devices are connected to one another in the shape of a closed loop, so that each device is connected directly to the neighboring device, one on either side of it.

Ring topologies are relatively expensive and difficult to install, but they offer high bandwidth and can cover large distances. Star topology: All devices are connected to a central hub device. Star networks are relatively easy to install and manage, but bottlenecks can occur because all data must pass through the hub. These topologies can also be mixed to perform better.

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Wide area network

Do you have a wide area network WAN at your company? If you operate globally, you probably do. They make it possible for large organizations to communicate internally faster and more efficiently. Like every technological tool, you need to use them in the right scenario to benefit from them. WANs are large communication networks that connect locations over a wide geographical area, including cities, states, countries, and continents.

tmeastafrica.org connects the group of LANs for a longer distance. tmeastafrica.org WANs network owned by an Internet service provider(ISP).or Private network. tmeastafrica.org data transfer of.

Advantages and disadvantages of wide area network (WAN)

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Network is a medium that connects multiple computer systems with a common communication link. A Wide Area Network WAN is a computer network that connects computers within a large geographical area comprising a region, a country, a continent or even the whole world. Wide area networks , generally called WANs, are mostly public, leased or privately-owned networks. They provide a useful way of sharing resources between the end users such as the long-distance transmission of data, voice, image, and information over large geographical areas.

Wide Area Network WAN is a collection of various local area networks LAN to transmit the data to the large geographical area in the form of voice, video, image, files. A LAN is a small area network that connects the network only for a limited distance. Ethernet and wifi fall under the local area network.

LAN vs WAN: What's the Difference?

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6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Wide Area Network | Limitations & Benefits of Wide Area Network

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Local Area Network | Advantages and Disadvantages of LAN

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Wide area network WAN is a type of network that provides transmission of voice, data, images, and videos over the large geographical area.

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A wide area network WAN is a telecommunications network that extends over a large geographic area for the primary purpose of computer networking.

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