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Genetically modified and biofortified crops and food security in developing countries: A review

Food security [1] is a measure of the availability of food and individuals' ability to access it. There is evidence of food security being a concern many thousands of years ago, with central authorities in ancient China and ancient Egypt being known to release food from storage in times of famine. At the World Food Conference the term "food security" was defined with an emphasis on supply; food security is defined as the "availability at all times of adequate, nourishing, diverse, balanced and moderate world food supplies of basic foodstuffs to sustain a steady expansion of food consumption and to offset fluctuations in production and prices". The final report of the World Food Summit states that food security "exists when all people, at all times, have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life. Household food security exists when all members, at all times, have access to enough food for an active, healthy life. In the years —, an estimated million people were suffering from chronic hunger.

What are GMOs and are they okay to eat? What does organic farming look like? How are animals like chicken or cattles raised? The snapAG project offers a series of reader-friendly information sheets that invite you to explore some hot topics linked to today's agriculture and food sector. Browse the categories below to learn more!

The Impact of Biotechnology on Developing Countries

In this study, Ecologic Institute researchers Timo Kaphengst and Lucy Smith summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the increasing share of genetically modified organisms GMOs in developing countries. On the one hand, GM crops can increase export revenues; on the other hand, developing countries' resulting dependency on Western biotechnology companies could grow and threaten local farmers, especially smaller ones. Moreover, GMOs are leading to a reduction in biodiversity. In light of this, the authors recommend that GM crops no longer be promoted in developing countries. The study is available for download. It summarises the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the growing share of GM crops in developing countries.

Transgenic technology has resulted in the development of various genetically modified GM plants for the improvement in several agronomic traits. Some of the very famous examples of genetically modified plants or transgenic plants are Bt transgenics like Bt cotton and Bt brinjal for insect and pest tolerance, Flavr Savr tomatoes for delayed ripening, golden rice for enhanced vitamin A content. The possibilities of genetically modified crops are immense. Global human population is increasing tremendously and cultivable land is diminishing. Transgenic technology has the potential to achieve a balance between these two. Recently, eminent agricultural scientist M. Swaminathan has made a strong case in favour of smooth approval process towards field trials of genetically modified crops in India.

Mozambique sees GMO crops as way to reduce poverty, achieve food security

Metrics details. Over the past two centuries, the human population has grown sevenfold and the experts anticipate the addition of 2—3 billion more during the twenty-first century. In the present overview, I take a historical glance at how humans supported such extraordinary population growth first through the invention of agriculture and more recently through the rapid deployment of scientific and technological advances in agriculture.

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Genetically Modified Crops and Food Security

Analyzed the data: MQ SK. Wrote the paper: MQ SK. Conceived and designed the survey: MQ. The role of genetically modified GM crops for food security is the subject of public controversy. GM crops could contribute to food production increases and higher food availability.

Mozambique is exploring the use of biotech crops to boost food security following its successful field trials of genetically modified GM corn. Though TELA maize has yet to be commercialized and made available to farmers in Mozambique, the country is already looking to introduce other biotech crops. The government understands that this is only possible if the country adopts new agricultural technologies, including biotechnology. Mozambique has had biosafety regulations in place since Mozambique currently allows the import of GM crops intended for direct use as food, feed or for processing, with approval from the National Biosafety Authority. Some food products imported from South Africa do contain genetically modified ingredients. Achieving poverty reduction and food security through improved agricultural practices is a major initiative in Mozambique, where 80 percent of the approximately 29 million residents engage in active farming for their livelihood and about 64 percent of the population is food insecure.

Ending hunger, achieving global food security, and improving nutrition by is an enormous challenge. Even today, the state of global food security is marked by ubiquitous food insecurity, with almost million undernourished individuals and a significant share of children under 5 years of age underweight around the world. Among the more controversial methods currently used to achieve food security is the cultivation of genetically modified GM foods and crops. Despite this publication and many others, resistance to genetic modification persists, even in countries with high levels of food insecurity where the technology would be of great benefit. Food security prevails when all individuals in a specified region have constant physical, economic, and social access to adequate, safe, and nutritious food. Taken together, these two concepts illustrate the four dimensions of food security: access, availability, stabilization, and utilization. Among this set of countries, all but Peru are net importers of food and agricultural products.

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Il existe de nombreuses controverses autour de ces deux paradigmes et leur recours dans l'avenir. The industrialisation of agriculture has drawn farmers around the world into the vortex of a commercialised global food system. This has caused a massive decline in traditional farming, which tends to be small scale, organic, biologically diverse and sustainable. It has instead favoured mechanised farming on large land holdings, using monocultures, aggressive cultivation methods and external inputs in unsustainable ways. There is much controversy about which of the two paradigms should be used in future. Spreading from the US and Europe to countries around the world from the s onward, it has led to large-scale use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides, along with mechanised and monoculture-based forms of cultivation and industrial scale food processing.

In recent times, science and technology has taken a front seat in revolutionizing agricultural production and food processing globally with noticeable impact on food, nutrition and family health. This study was carried out to have a critical review of genetically modified GM foods and the use of GM and biofortified crops for food security in developing countries where foods are not adequately available and people are not food secured. A critical review of GM foods was undertaken and the use of GM and biofortified crops for food security in developing countries where foods are not adequately available and people are not food secured was carried out. Currently, there are no recent patents on GM and biofortified crops and this shows that there are more works to be done by policymakers, regulatory agencies, consumers and right organizations on environmental, health and biosafety of GM and biofortified crops. Advances in science and technology have changed our relationship with nature which enables crops to be modified and improved through selective breeding to obtain more stronger and productive crops. However, despite the benefits and improvements from GM and biofortified crops, controversy and arguments have continued to trail the consumption of GM and biofortified crops because of the perceived safety issues.

A variable climate, political instability, and other constraints have limited agricultural development in African countries south of the Sahara. Genetically modified GM crops are one tool for enhancing agricultural productivity and food security despite such constraints. Promising policy initiatives include making biosafety regulations that do not make GM crop development prohibitively expensive, fostering intraregional trade in GM crops, and providing more and better information about GM crops to consumers who might currently be skeptical of them. Pray, John P. Skip to main content.

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