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This document was originally taken from Luke Hoban's excellent es6features repo. Go give it a star on GitHub!

I prefer the more succinct ES6 though. This essay will give you a quick introduction to ES6. Disclaimer: the list if highly biased and subjective. This is a brief JavaScript timeline:. They were okay until the value was 0 and because 0 is falsy in JavaScript it would default to the hard-coded value instead of becoming the value itself.

Object-oriented JavaScript: A Deep Dive into ES6 Classes

This document is a cheatsheet for JavaScript you will frequently encounter in modern projects and most contemporary sample code. When you struggle to understand a notion, I suggest you look for answers on the following resources:. In JavaScript, there are three keywords available to declare a variable, and each has its differences. Those are var , let and const. I recommend always declaring your variables with const by default, but with let if it is a variable that you need to mutate or reassign later. I recommend you to picture it as if an X scoped variable meant that this variable was a property of X. Besides, var declared variables are moved to the top of the scope at execution.

The let keyword allows you to declare a variable with block scope. Read more about let in the chapter: JavaScript Let. The const keyword allows you to declare a constant a JavaScript variable with a constant value. Read more about const in the chapter: JavaScript Const. You don't need the function keyword, the return keyword, and the curly brackets.

ECMAScript 2015 - ES6

JavaScript ES6 brings new syntax and new awesome features to make your code more modern and more readable. It allows you to write less code and do more. ES6 introduces us to many great features like arrow functions, template strings, class destruction, Modules… and more. This is really useful for targeting the selectors. For example, when we have a single button that fires an event, or when you want to select an HTML element in JavaScript, use const instead of var. In the code above, const will not change and cannot be reassigned.

Arrows are a function shorthand using the => syntax. They are syntactically ES classes are syntactic sugar over the prototype-based OO pattern. Having a.

Learn ES2015

Often we need to represent an idea or concept in our programs — maybe a car engine, a computer file, a router, or a temperature reading. Representing these concepts directly in code comes in two parts: data to represent the state, and functions to represent the behavior. ES6 classes give us a convenient syntax for defining the state and behavior of objects that will represent our concepts. ES6 classes make our code safer by guaranteeing that an initialization function will be called, and they make it easier to define a fixed set of functions that operate on that data and maintain valid state.

JavaScript like all programming languages has certain concepts you need to understand in order to become proficient in its overall use. Up next, you'll learn how JavaScript's key concepts and their associated syntax have evolved throughout the different ECMAScript versions. In addition, you'll also learn about key TypeScript concepts and syntax, given the importance of TypeScript as a JavaScript superset. By key concepts I'm referring to those that apply equally across any JavaScript application, whether it's designed for user interfaces on browsers or server side business logic. Upcoming chapters detail more specific concepts and syntax associated with things like JavaScript data types , JavaScript object-orientated and prototype-based programming , JavaScript for loops and JavaScript asynchronous behavior , but before we get to those deeper topics, it's important you have a firm understanding of JavaScript key concepts and syntax.

It is the first major update to the language since ES5 which was standardized in Therefore, ES is often called ES6. Section 1. New ES6 syntax let — declare block-scoped variables using the let keyword. Default function parameters — learn how to set the default value for parameters of a function.

See how cleaner and more concise your JavaScript code can look and start coding in ES6 now!! Support for constants also known as "immutable variables" , i.

Modern JS Cheatsheet

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Please support this book: buy it (PDF, EPUB, MOBI) or donate About ECMAScript 6 (ES6) Does ES6 have array comprehensions? new primitive type · Using symbols to represent concepts · Symbols as keys of properties Browser APIs that support Typed Arrays · Extended example: JPEG SOF0.

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JavaScript key concepts & syntax: ECMAScript and TypeScript




An understanding of JavaScript programming concepts is necessary to gain maximum Example"hello world")"We are learning ES6").

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specification. Any discrepancies between this HTML version and the PDF version are unintentional. ECMAScript syntax intentionally resembles Java syntax.

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