3 Phase Induction Motor Questions And Answers Pdf In Hindi

3 phase induction motor questions and answers pdf in hindi

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From the left you have the main contactor with the pneumatic timer because your main contactor is always energized, in the Middle you have the Delta contactor with a thermal overload for motor protection in case the motor exceeds the ampere rating set on the thermal overload, on the right you have the Star contactor which is the first contactor to be energized with the main contactor then when the timer reaches its time limit the Star contactor de-energizes and the Delta contactor energizes and the Motor is running at full load. This way, the circuit is completed, as a result;. Related Post:.

You all must have this kind of questions in your mind. Below article will solve this puzzle of yours. Just take a look. A methods — steady state power angle characteristics— Two reaction theory —slip test -short circuit transients — Capability Curves. Question Papers.

What is Slip Ring Induction Motor and Its Working

Like any electric motor, a 3-phase induction motor has a stator and rotor. Only the stator winding is fed from 3-phase supply. The rotor winding derives its voltage and power from the externally energized stator winding through electromagnetic induction and hence the name acquired. What are the advantages and disadvantages of three phase induction motor? Describe the construction of a three phase motor? A 3-phase induction motor has two main parts i stator and ii rotor. The rotor is separated from the stator by a small air-gap which ranges from 0.

A motor with only armortisseur windings is called an induction motor. An induction motor is the most modest electrical machine from constructional point of view, in the majority of the cases. Induction motor works on the principle of induction where electro-magnetic field is induced into the rotor when rotating magnetic field of stator cuts the stationary rotor. Induction machines are by far the most common type of motor used in industrial, commercial or residential settings. It is a three phase AC motor. Its characteristic features are:. The stator is made up of various stampings with slots to carry three phase windings.

Induction Motor – Types & Advantages

It has a single cage rotor, and its stator has two windings known as main winding and starting winding. Both the windings are displaced 90 degrees in space. The main winding has very low resistance and a high inductive reactance whereas the starting winding has high resistance and low inductive reactance. The Connection Diagram of the motor is shown below. A resistor is connected in series with the auxiliary winding. The current in the two windings is not equal as a result the rotating field is not uniform. Hence, the starting torque is small, of the order of 1.

In a split phase motor, the running winding should have a high resistance and low inductance b low resistance and high inductance c high resistance as well as high inductance d low resistance as well as low inductiance Ans: b. If the capacitor of a single-phase motor is short-circuited a the motor will not start b the motor will run c the motor will run in reverse direction d the motor will run in the same direction at reduced r. Ans: a. In capacitor start single-phase motors a current in the starting winding leads the voltage b current in the starting winding lags the voltage c current in the starting winding is in phase with voltage in running winding d none of the above Ans: a. In a capacitor start and run motors the function of the running capacitor in series with the auxiliary winding is to a improve power factor b increase overload capacity c reduce fluctuations in torque d to improve torque Ans: a.

Polyphase induction motor MCQ With Explanation | In case of 3 phase induction motors the ratio of core length to pole pitch for minimum cost is.

Star Delta Starter – (Y-Δ) Starter Power, Control and Wiring Diagram

The Induction motor is a type of AC motor that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction between the stator and rotor. The stator is the stationary part of the motor and the rotor is the rotary part. The Induction motor is also known as asynchronous motor because its rotor rotates at a speed less than the theoretical synchronous speed of the motor.

The popularity of 3 phase induction motors onboard ships is because of their simple, robust construction, and high-reliability factor in the sea environment. An induction motor can be used for different applications with various speed and load requirements. Induction motors are used in almost all machinery system of the ship such as crane motor, propulsion motor, blower motor, seawater pump motor, and even small synchronous motor. An induction motor or asynchronous motor is an AC motor in which the electric current in the rotor needed to produce torque is obtained by electromagnetic induction from the magnetic field of the stator winding.

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THREE PHASE INDUCTION MOTOR Questions Pdf free download for freshers An induction motor derives its name from the current in the rotor conductor is induced by the motion The common methods used to start induction motors are​.

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SINGLE PHASE INDUCTION MOTORS Multiple Choice Questions and Answers pdf free download,interview questions,objective type questions,lab viva manual. 3. In capacitor start single-phase motors (a) current in the starting winding.