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Coat of arms

Students will research and create a Coat of Arms, based on Heraldry research and their personal interests. Students will share and present their work. What is unique to you and your family? What would you like to share about yourself that others may not know about you? Students will begin by researching ancient heraldry symbols. Sample resources, which can be printed and reproduced can be found at:.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Coat of arms of Ghana Armiger Republic of Ghana Adopted 4 March Crest A black star bordered in gold Torse Gold, green and red Blazon Azure on a cross vert fimbriated Or a lion passant guardant Or, in the first quarter a linguist's staff and ceremonial sword crossed in saltire Or, in the second quarter issuant from five bars wavy Argent and Azure a castle Argent upon a mount Or, in the third quarter affixed in a grassy plain a cocoa tree proper and in the fourth quarter upon a grassy plain a mine proper. Supporters Two eagles displayed Or around each of whose neck hangs a black star fimbriated Or suspended from a ribbon tierced gules, Or and vert upon a grassy compartment proper Motto Freedom and Justice The coat of arms of Ghana was designed by Ghanaian artist Nii Amon Kotei introduced on 4 March It is a symbol for the traditional authority of Ghana. The second quarter shows a representation of Osu Castle on the sea, the presidential palace on the Gulf of Guinea , symbolizes the national government. The third quarter of the shield shows a cacao tree, which embodies the agricultural wealth of Ghana.

Publishing a popular newsletter, The Heraldry Gazette, and a more scholarly journal,. The Coat of Eventually the symbols migrated to battlefield shields and from there to the surcoats of men in armour, from No matter how well-meaning the reasons for such duplication​nl.

Personal Coat of Arms

Ever since my three year old begged me for a Knight In Shining Armor Birthday Party this past summer, both my boys have been obsessed with playing knights, fighting dragons, and building castles. Knights of old certainly are exciting to read about and make believe. There are also so many ways to include knights in our crafts and homeschooling activities!

Coat of arms , the principal part of a system of hereditary symbols dating back to early medieval Europe, used primarily to establish identity in battle. Arms evolved to denote family descent, adoption, alliance, property ownership, and, eventually, profession. It also identified the knight in the social surroundings of the tournament. Additions to the achievement may include badges, mottoes, supporters, and a crown or coronet. The surface of the shield or escutcheon is the field.

Family crests and coats of arms are powerful family symbols passed down through generations.

The achievement, or armorial bearings usually includes a coat of arms on a shield , helmet , and crest , together with any accompanying devices, such as supporters , badges , heraldic banners , and mottoes. Although the use of various devices to signify individuals and groups goes back to antiquity , both the form and use of such devices varied widely, and the concept of regular, hereditary designs, constituting the distinguishing feature of heraldry, did not develop until the High Middle Ages. The perceived beauty and pageantry of heraldic designs allowed them to survive the gradual abandonment of armour on the battlefield during the seventeenth century. Heraldry has been described poetically as "the handmaid of history", [6] "the shorthand of history", [7] and "the floral border in the garden of history". Various symbols have been used to represent individuals or groups for thousands of years.

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Family crests once held a special place in many families across Europe. More recently family crests have appeared on stationary and as signs on gates. But, have you ever wondered what those crests mean?

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What does it mean if your coat of arms bears a red boar's head? COLORS Phoenix. Symbol of resurrection; ability to take new forms; triumph over adversity.



The ape is not a very common symbol in heraldry but when it is found it is usually "collared and chained," with the collar encircling its waist rather than its neck. The​.