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Archival processing is the act of surveying, arranging, describing, and performing basic preservation activities on the recorded material of an individual, family, or organization after they are permanently transferred to an archive.

Archive and manuscript collections

We have arranged our collections into the following categories, which are then listed in alphabetical order. The entry for each collection includes a finding number. The majority of these finding numbers are highlighted and by clicking on these, you will gain access to the online archives catalogue collection description for each of these collections. These sections will be regularly updated with additions of new collections and with links to new catalogues. We are continuously taking receipt of new archive accessions to add to our holdings.

Current discovery methods for American archival and manuscript AM collections rely on four national databases, WorldCat, ArchiveGrid, Archive Finder and SNAC, to which repositories report their holdings in the form of 1 catalog records similar to library catalog records for books and 2 finding aids typically collection summaries and detailed inventories listing the folders in a collection. Most AM catalog records are accessible via the four major databases. There are also numerous state and regional databases which typically offer full text searches of finding aids, many of which, but not all, are linked from or searchable in the national databases. Not all repositories report their records at all, and many finding aids exist only in paper in their home repositories. Alongside of this system there exist numerous online and digital subject guides to AM collections. All of these resources are discussed below, and the national database system is diagrammed in the accompanying chart.

Archival processing

Following the latest government advice, we remain temporarily closed until further notice. Find out more on the Wellcome Collection website. Chart showing pellagra cases in in prisoner of war camps. Credit: Wellcome Library, London. While medicine provides the unifying theme, a vast range of subjects relating to the history of European science and culture is represented. Tom, also known as Tommy, the first English pony innoculated for diphtheria antitoxine. Photograph from the Lister Institute archive collection, 2nd July

Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication retain copyright in their work. They are required to sign the Agreement on Authors' Rights and Responsibilities that permits Archivaria to publish and disseminate the work in print and electronically. In the same agreement, authors are required to confirm that "the material submitted for publication in Archivaria , both in its paper and electronic versions, including reproductions of other works e. Archivaria , the journal of the Association of Canadian Archivists ACA , is devoted to the scholarly investigation of archives in Canada and internationally. Articles and other submissions are welcomed which explore the history, nature, and theory of archives and the use of archives. The journal aims to be a bridge of communication among archivists, and between archivists and users of archives. General Editor - Fiorella Foscarini general.

The library holds one of the most extensive collections of modern papers in German-speaking countries. Since the 16th century the collection has been steadily enhanced to comprise a wide range of subjects. Regionally it focuses mainly, but not exclusively, on the political and cultural history of Munich and Bavaria in its diverse aspects. With regard to content, the collection has a universal orientation. Since the heydays of humanism, the collection has become decidedly European in the scope of subjects, partly also with regard to the persons and languages represented. From the early 19th century onwards, non-European cultures have come to be represented in the papers of eminent explorers and scholars. Dating back to the origins of the library founded by Duke Albrecht V of Bavaria in , the collection now comprises approximately 1, entities.

Archives, personal papers, and manuscripts: a cataloging About this Book. Hensen, Steven L., View full catalog record.


Special Collections boasts some 1 discrete archival collections, consisting of original research material relating to the political, social, cultural and economic history of Southern Africa, with a strong focus on the Western Cape. Collections deal with a wide range of subjects, including art, music, education, literature and language, botany, politics and architecture, and include records in all media. Collections include the personal papers of prominent people, or whose papers constitute an important record of Southern African social history; the papers of communities not strongly represented in archives; corporate papers from non-governmental organisations, companies or institutions; the personal and research papers of UCT academics; nonadministrative records relating to the history of UCT; architectural collections of leading South African architects; papers and record books of ethnic and religious communities and papers of individuals prominent in such communities; manuscript music scores and personal papers of South African composers; papers relating to labour and trade, and the records of labour unions; the oral history of South Africa; papers and other materials associated with important social, historical, or cultural issues or movements. Term-time Mondays to Fridays: 08h30 - 17h30 Saturdays: 09h00 - 13h

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Archival processing

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Archives, Personal Papers, and Manuscripts: A Cataloging Manual For Archival Repositories, Historical Societies, and Manuscript Libraries. Historical Date.

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Personal papers and fragmentary collections

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