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partnership and corporation accounting reviewer pdf

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Accounting Reviewer.pdf

Partnership - Owned by 2 or more individuals - Individual owners are called partners - Requirement: agree to operate a business together - Agreement: oral or written, includes profit and loss ratio - A contract; 2 or more persons bind to contribute money, property OR industry to a common fund with the intention of dividing profits among themselves Article of the Civil Code of the Philippines - Supported by Articles of Co-Partnership. Articles of Co-Partnership - Agreement in writing governing the nature and terms of the partnership contract - Required capital of at least P3, - Helps in avoiding misunderstanding among partners - Govern the formation, operation and dissolution of the partnership - Required to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commision SEC - contains: 1. Name of partnership 2. Names, addresses of partners, classes of partners general or limited partner 3. Effective date of the contract 4.

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One of the most strategically important activities that a company must perform is accounting. This is an effort to collect, classify, analyze, verify, calculate, interpret and present financial information. It is also known as bookkeeping. There are various types of accounting. One of these is partnership accounting. It is performed in partnership companies. These are business organizations formed by a group of partners.

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The Accounting program prepares students for careers in accounting and related fields, and makes them ready to deal effectively with the problems they will face as professional accountants, researchers and responsible citizens. The course is geared towards providing the students with an exposure to business consulting either as an internal or external management accountant or consultant. It covers the more complex aspects of financial decisions such as valuation of financial assets, risk and return, medium to long term investments, capital structure, and dividend policy. It also examines the main types of derivative contracts: forward contracts, futures, swaps and options, and how these instruments are used in managing and modifying financial risks. Introductory Accounting for Service Enterprise ACTBAS1 3 units This introductory course is designed to develop a basic understanding of the conceptual framework underlying the measurement and communication of financial data for business decisions as well as their relevance in the national context. This course deals with analyzing, recording and processing business transactions commonly engaged by a sole proprietor of a service enterprise.

What is Partnership Accounting

Saguinsin This book contains basic accounting concepts including theories, illustrations, exercises and problems which are supported by solutions, to provide students and readers with broadened knowledge and understanding of basic accounting information. Mark Francis G. Ng Comprises three distinct study areas: advanced topics in Cost Accounting elaborating on the advanced concepts of process costing, standard costing, and gross profit variation analysis. Ng The study of auditing theory is vast in scope as well as dynamic in nature.

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Limited capital amount compared to a corporation; Capital Amount < Corporation 3. Unli Liability - discourages many to join a partnership.

Fundamentals of Accounting 2_draft

The Important Features of Partnership Accounting

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Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

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