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Lee and a girl are in his apartment together. The phone rings and he reaches across her to answer it. It is Arthur, worried about his wife, Joanie, who disappeared from a party.

The Books: “Nine Stories”- ‘Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes’ (J.D. Salinger)

Pepys by John Hayls, Oil on canvas. The proud composer holds the music of "Beauty Retire. Pepys by Cavalier. This ivory medallion was carved in Arch Ophthalmol.

Ms Fullerton is a freelance literary lecturer and social historian from Sydney, Australia. Samuel Pepys is known for writing the finest diary in the English language. He was a man of remarkable accomplishments who transformed the English Navy, was president of the Royal Society, and was a member of the British Parliament. He survived the Great Plague and imprisonment in the Tower of London. During the years when he was writing the diary, Pepys began to experience great pain in his eyes when reading and writing and from photophobia, which caused him to give up writing the diary.

Pepys also had an ultimately unjustifiable fear of blindness. And thus ends all that I doubt I shall ever be able to do with my own eyes in the keeping of my journall. So ends the diary of Samuel Pepys, for he was convinced he was going blind. Unable to read or write for more than a few minutes at a time and incapacitated with photophobia, he could only ask God to prepare him for a fate he thought almost as bad as "to see myself go into my grave.

It was with great sorrow that he discontinued the writing of his diary. Pepys was a man of remarkable accomplishments. One of the first professional men we can know intimately, he transformed the English Navy from a haphazard collection of men and ships into an effective and efficient force. He was a passionate devotee of music; pieces he composed are still played today. He is best known for writing perhaps the finest diary in the English language, a diary that is an unparalleled sourcebook for anyone interested in Restoration London.

Pepys pronounced Peeps was born in London, England, on February 23, , the son of a tailor and a washerwoman. Little is known of his school years except that in he was publicly admonished by the university authorities for having been "scandalously overseene in drink.

His bride, Elizabeth St Michel a Huguenot , was only 15 years old when Pepys married her, and the marriage was a stormy one. Pepys was incapable of remaining faithful for long; he groped women in church, taverns, theaters, and even his own home until his wife caught him out with her maidservant Deb. Elizabeth was to die only a few months after Pepys ceased keeping the diary.

Ignorant even of the multiplication table when he first took office, Pepys quickly mastered the technical details of his job when he was offered a clerkship at the English Navy Office. His extraordinary capacity for and pleasure in hard work soon gained him promotion. He eventually became secretary for admiralty affairs, a Member of the British Parliament, and master of Trinity House. Pepys remained at work in London throughout the Great Plague and managed to survive it, but he did not always enjoy perfect health.

His youth was greatly troubled by bladder stones, and in he took the brave step of undergoing an operation. So thankful was he to have survived this gruesome procedure that March 26th was celebrated as his "cutting of the stone" anniversary for the rest of his life. Pepys' diary is an incomparable document. Its first entry was made on January 1, , and its last on May 31, The diary was kept in shorthand because it was intended for his eyes alone, but he did take the added precaution of recording his frequent illicit liaisons in a delightful mixture of French, Latin, and Spanish.

Events in the journal are wonderfully jumbled together. In a single day, Pepys might be conferring with his king, gossiping with a ship's captain in a tavern, watching an experiment at the Royal Society, having the nits removed from his hair by the maid, and fondling an actress in the darkness of a coach.

He records the great events of his age—the plague, the Great Fire, the building of St Paul's Cathedral. Always there is close observation, frankness, variety, and enormous charm. The diary is a deeply human document of amazing vitality.

Selections from it were first published in , but the full 1. The diary is preserved in Magdalene College, along with a collection of books bequeathed by Pepys. Pepys went on to do many interesting things after He traveled, transformed the English Navy, wrote books about the English Navy, kept a mistress, and even endured 2 spells of imprisonment in the Tower of London, but he never returned to the unique record of his life.

Both history and literature are the poorer for it. Perhaps without his eye difficulties, Pepys could have written a longer diary. Pepys died in London, the city he loved so much, in When Pepys was forced by eye problems to bring his diary to a close, he could expect little help from the physicians of the day.

It was after all the 17th century, a time when humoralist doctrines dominated medical thinking. More than years since the last entry in the diary, a correct ophthalmic diagnosis is long overdue.

A modern diagnosis is possible because of the extraordinary detail with which Pepys records his ocular complaints. There have, of course, been attempts to do this by surgeons, ophthalmologists, and optometrists in the years since the diary was published. Sir D'Arcy Power, 4 , 5 writing in and , concluded that Pepys had hypermetropia, some degree of astigmatism, and presbyopia and that his ocular strain was owing to long periods of convergence.

Trevor-Roper 6 believed that Pepys was long-sighted and that he probably also had a secondary latent convergence, as did Beattie, 7 who specified hypermetropia and esophoria.

Groffman 8 believed it was a binocular vision disability that caused Pepys' intensive near-point stress. James 9 diagnosed ametropia without early-onset presbyopia and a disturbance of muscle balance in the form of insufficiency of convergence that would have benefited from a low spherocylindrical lens combined with base-in prisms and suitable tinting.

Some of the problems have been attributed to conjunctivitis. These varying diagnoses also invite further scrutiny and conclusions. The first time Pepys mentions his eyes in his diary was when his right eye was injured on May 22, Pepys, ever curious, had been holding his head too closely over a gun that was fired in the Royal Salute to Charles II. No permanent injury seems to have occurred, but the eye was "red and ill" the next day.

Two years later, on a visit to Portsmouth, he records being"much troubled in my eyes, by reason of the healths I have this day been forced to drink" April 25, The first complaints of the symptoms that were to reoccur during the period of the diary appear the following year: "my eyes begin to fail me, looking so long by candlelight upon white paper" February 19, and "my eyes tired with seeing to write" July 31, These remarks allow us to identify early on Pepys' 2 main ocular complaints.

Visual fatigue on reading and writing is the predominant symptom. As time went on, he could tolerate reading and writing for only a few minutes. The second main complaint is photophobia, generated by candlelight, candle-lit chandeliers at the playhouse, snow, and the brightness of white paper.

The entries are more frequently devoted to his eye complaints and pain, soreness, watering, and redness accompany the 2 main symptoms. Headache is not mentioned. Recall that Pepys is only 30 years of age. In January he writes, "my eyes begin to fail me and be in pain, which I never felt to nowadays, which I impute to sitting up late writing and reading by candlelight" January 19, Eyestrain was not Pepys' only worry at this time; he was also dealing with the jealousy of his wife and considerable stress at work.

As a result, he had "a great pain and water in my eyes after candlelight" April 1, and "eyes beginning every day to grow less and less able to bear with long reading or writing—though it be by daylight, which I never observed till now" May 5, He then describes a discharge from his left eye at a time when he had a "great cold" March 5, and bad throat: "my eye mightily out of order with the Rhume that is fallen down into it" March 2, This problem persisted for a week, although his right eye was "ayling nothing" March 7, Rhume refers to a watery discharge from the mucous membranes or tears.

Pepys was having more and more trouble with his eyes: "till my eyes did ake, ready to drop out" June 8, He was naturally interested in what caused his eye trouble and attributed his defective vision to the cold, candlelight, and a variety of other causes. This remedy was the beginning of numerous and ingenious attempts to relieve his symptoms. It was ineffective, and Pepys continued to experience pain without seeking outside help for 2 more years.

Some attacks he attributed to his beer: "Only, for want of sleep, and drinking of strange beer, had a rheum in one of my eyes which troubled me much" July 24, Then he recorded "having my [right] eye sore and full of humour of late, I think by my late change of my brewer and having of 8s beere" and "my right eye continuing very ill of the rheum which have troubled it four or five days" May , Still, the next month the right eye continued to be sore June 9, :.

But I am to observe how the drinking of some strong water did immediately put my eyes into a fit of sorenesse again,. I mean, my right eye only.

Humor refers to a normal functioning fluid or liquid from the body. By December, the "sorenesse" was so bad that once again Pepys was motivated to find some cure December 13, :. I perceive my overworking of my eyes by Candle light doth hurt them, as it did the last winter. That by day I am well and do get them right—but then after candle-light they begin to be sore and run—so that I entend to get some green spectacles. This is one of the earlier written references to the use of tinted lenses as a visual aid.

Pepys was assiduous about wearing the green spectacles: "I write by spectacles all this night" December 29, , but they gave little help or relief. To Pepys' terror, blindness began to seem a distinct possibility: "I writing till my eyes were almost blind" January 18, Throughout , every bit of reading seemed to exacerbate the soreness and redness: "my eyes being a little sore by reason of my reading a small printed book the other day after it was dark" April 11, ; "my eyes troubling me still after candle-light" April, 13, ; "did business till my eyes are sore again;.

By midyear, he was recording despondently, "Being weary and almost blind with writing and reading so much today" June 2, His work at the Admiralty had to continue regardless. Much of his work was done in darkened rooms under candlelight rather than natural light. He often worked 18 to 20 hours a day, writing on coarse paper and reading crabbed writing under insufficient and flickering candlelight. Whenever possible, Pepys tried to lessen the growing eyestrain by employing an amanuensis: "I was fain to get the boy to come and write for me" September 22, His wife also helped by reading to him.

And his daughter, he being out of the way, doth advise me to very young sights, as that that will help me most; and promises me great ease from them, and I will try them.

Storytelling: Critical and Creative Approaches

Jump to navigation. Do the preparation exercise before you listen. Then do the other exercises to check your understanding. The pretty girl with the long, brown hair. Hi llamharoro, you have yellow skin?? Like a sunflower?

A grey-haired man and a young woman are in bed when the phone rings. He asks her if she would prefer he not answer it. She rises up on one elbow and asks what he thinks. He responds that he doesn't see that it makes any difference, and leans over to pick up the receiver. The caller addresses him as Lee, and asks if he has wakened him.

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Daily Book Excerpt: Adult fiction:. Nine Stories , by J. It is perfectly clear what happens in this story. Thank you, Mr. Crothers, for teaching me not just how to write a paper — but how to actually analyze a story in 10th grade.

Over the span of a few telephone conversations, the story surrounds three adult characters and the remainder of their evening after leaving a party. The story opens with a phone ringing in Lee's apartment somewhere in New York. Sitting beside Lee is a young, blue-eyed woman. The two of them had been sitting and smoking together when Arthur calls, a colleague of his, drunkenly concerned with where his wife is. Arthur later refers to his wife by her name, Joanie.

To print the story please do so via the link in the story toolbar. This course will go through a run down of different perspectives and articles that relate to the short story Pretty Mouth and Green My Eyes by J. Read the text once and go through the course in chronological order for further comprehension of the text. While reading the text and going through this course, make sure you pay attention to these important details:. A gray haired man and a girl with "violet" eyes sat together.

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The Big Brown Eyes of Samuel Pepys

Pepys by John Hayls, Oil on canvas.

Dec 03, PM. But then toward the end Arthur calls back and tells Lee that Joanie just got in. Of course he could have been lying. Who do you think that the girl was? Dec 27, PM.

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Nine Stories - Pretty Mouth and Green my Eyes Summary & Analysis

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