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The Great Prophecies of Daniel & Revelation - PDF Download

Finley has conducted evangelistic meetings around the world — and on just about every continent for the past 50 years. He has taught and preached on the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation, and applied these books to everyday real life.

This chapter-by-chapter commentary is written to show our day in the light of Bible prophecy. It is a sharing commentary! Recently Dale Galusha, president of Pacific Press, had the opportunity to interview Finley about this new book.

Seventh-day Adventists have been studying and writing on the Bible books of Daniel and Revelation for many, many years. What new or needed contributions do you see this book bringing to the conversation? As I have shared the Christ-centered, hope-filled message of Daniel and Revelation with audiences around the world, I have witnessed lives changed by the power of the gospel embedded in these prophetic books.

The uniqueness of Understanding Daniel and Revelation is that it blends a careful analysis of the last day prophecies with practical life-changing lessons in an easy to understand way so the average person can not only grasp the significance of the prophecies, but also apply the lessons they teach to their lives today. How has your experience as an evangelist affected the insights you bring to these two books?

The single fact that jumped out at me more powerfully than ever before is the reality that Jesus is the center of all prophecy and the purpose of prophecy is to clearly demonstrate that He is never caught by surprise and will be victorious in the battle between good and evil.

So often we become caught up in dates, history, and identifying symbols when we look at these books. These things are important. But are there "practical" lessons for Christian living today that we can glean from the study of Daniel and Revelation?

Understanding the prophetic symbols and the timeline of history is extremely important. These prophetic timelines enable us to face the future with greater confidence.

But there is much more in the books of Daniel and Revelation than mystic symbols and strange beasts. These books speak of deeper faith, more earnest prayer, and stalwart courage. They reveal a Jesus who loves us so much that He would go to any length to redeem us and one who is coming again soon to take us home. How important are these two books for Adventists today who are looking for the soon return of Jesus?

The books of Daniel and Revelation are at the very heart of Adventism. We are a prophetic movement. These books help to define who we are and where we are in the light of history.

They reveal our origin, our purpose, our reason for existence, and our ultimate destiny. They are essential to really understand Adventist identity. One of my great concerns about the Adventist church is this sense of a loss of identity. My prayer is that this volume will help to restore that sense of prophetic identity and reaffirm that we are a movement divinely raised up by God.

What do you see as key take-aways from the books of Daniel and Revelation? The key take away for me from this volume is that Jesus longs for each one of us to be in His eternal kingdom and is coming soon to take us home. My prayer is that this book will lead us to our knees to seek to be more like Jesus each day and live in the abundant grace He provides as we look forward to eternity.

Understanding Daniel and Revelation is not just for Seventh-day Adventists to read. How can church members and pastors use this book in sharing their faith? I have written this volume in a way that Adventists can feel confident in sharing it with their friends that may be seeking a deeper understanding of the times we live in and looking to know from the Word of God what the future holds.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This product does not qualify toward the free shipping offer. Shipping charges may apply. The sections from The Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary on Daniel and Revelation were compiled in this special volume for college and academy classes.

Chapters 10, 11 and 12 in the Book of Daniel make up Daniel's final vision , describing a series of conflicts between the unnamed "King of the North" and "King of the South" leading to the " time of the end ", when Israel will be vindicated and the dead raised, some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt. In contemporary Christian millennialism , Daniel —45 is interpreted as a prophecy of the career and destruction of the Antichrist , and Daniel 12 as concerning the salvation of Israel the modern State of Israel and the coming kingdom of Christ. Chapter 10, a prologue: In the third year of Cyrus the Persian conqueror of Babylon , after fasting for three weeks, Daniel sees a vision of a man clothed in linen, clearly a supernatural being, who tells him that he is currently engaged in a battle with the " prince of Persia ", in which he is assisted by " Michael , your prince". He must soon return to the combat, but first he will tell Daniel what is written in the "book of truth". Chapter 11, the report of the vision: The angel continues: there will be four kings of Persia, and the last will make war on Greece. After him will come a great king, but that king's empire will be broken up. There will be wars and marriages between the kings of the South and the North described in great detail , and the king of the North will desecrate the Temple and set up " the abomination that causes desolation ".

Daniel & Revelation Committee Series (DARCOM) (7 vols.)

Daniel 7 the seventh chapter of the Book of Daniel tells of Daniel 's vision of four world-kingdoms replaced by the kingdom of the saints or "holy ones" of the Most High, which will endure for ever. Four beasts come out of the sea, the Ancient of Days sits in judgment over them, and "one like a son of man " is given eternal kingship. An angelic guide interprets the beasts as kingdoms and kings, the last of whom will make war on the "holy ones" of God, but he will be destroyed and the "holy ones" will be given eternal dominion and power. Although set during the reign or regency of King Belshazzar who probably died in BCE , the prophetic chapters of the Book of Daniel date to — BCE, with Daniel 7 dated somewhat earlier than the rest. He sees the "great sea" stirred up by the "four winds of heaven," and from the waters emerge four beasts, the first a lion with the wings of an eagle, the second a bear, the third a winged leopard with four heads, and the fourth a beast with ten horns, and a further horn appeared which uprooted three of the ten.

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Daniel's final vision

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In order to utilize all of the features of this web site, JavaScript must be enabled in your browser. Edited by Frank B. Holbrook, this series is the crown jewel of SDA scholarship in biblical prophecy and the heavenly sanctuary doctrine. Readers will find in-depth discussions dealing with major prophecies in Daniel and Revelation, as well as allied themes in Leviticus and Hebrews. These volumes provide fresh insight into sanctuary imagery throughout Revelation, as well as a compelling biblical defense of the historicist interpretation of prophecy. Scripture passages link directly to your preferred English translation and original language texts, and important theological concepts link to dictionaries, encyclopedias, and a wealth of other resources in your digital library.

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