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Physical punishment is a large part of our culture, but this does not mean it is best for children.

Corporal punishment has been around for ever, this is when physical violence is used in order to punish or correct a behavior in a child. The most common ways that these punishments are given are by spanking with a paddle or stick, slapping, or even pinching. Should educators really be given the authority to physically punish children, or is this something that should be left up to the parents.

Disadvantages of corporal punishment-essays

Although 31 states have currently banned the practice of corporal punishment, there are 19 states which permit it to be used in schools. It is defined as a physical punishment which involves hitting someone. Most schools will practice corporal punishment through the use of paddling or a hand in the form of spanking. There are extreme instances of corporal punishment practiced in schools that use tasers, chemical sprays, and leather straps. Is it OK to hit a child as a form of discipline? What alternative forms of punishment for negative behaviors be more appropriate?

Register Login. Register for Webinar. Corporal Punishment-Perceptions and consequences. Introduction Perception Possible reasons for persistence of corporal punishment Long-term consequences of corporal punishment. Introduction Children are subject to corporal punishment in schools; institutions meant for care and protection of children such as hostels, orphanages, ashram shalas, and juvenile homes; and even in the family setting. Prevalence of Corporal Punishment is evident from a various research studies and by media reporting it both in print and electronic.

The Disadvantages of Physical Punishment for Children

In order for children to understand boundaries, they need to understand there should be punishments. A goal of educators and school personnel is to teach children consequences and. They often plead that corporal punishment can show dominance, correct behavior, and that all children are different. Corporal punishment does display an aggressive form of dominance: but on the other hand, a child may revert to bullying other children to display dominance and also have high aggression levels and low patience. Similarly, physical discipline has never been scientifically proven to correct bad behavior long-term. Corporal punishment may fix an issue short-term, but eventually the child will do it again and spanking or hitting them will not fix the issue, rather they must address the issue in a calm manner and discuss with a child why what they have done is wrong. Given, all children are unique and react differently to a variety of different forms of discipline: corporally punishing a child has never been useful and a multitude of tests have been done on different children.

It is undeniable that the need for discipline is a crucial necessity when inculcating positive behavior and shaping the character of children. Various methods of instilling discipline exist among them use of corporal punishment that attracts numerous debates on its utilization. Corporal punishment is the process of utilizing negative reinforcement through inflicting physical pain to a child as a technique of availing punishment for doing wrong in school or at home. Corporal punishment is beneficial as it is effective. Therefore, when a child identifies a particular action to spanking or beating, they are more likely to avoid repeating the said behavior, hence acting as a deterrent. Moreover, its instant in nature maintains order by pushing students to behave appropriately. Corporal punishment saves on cost.

Before we even begin this whole debate, we should distinguish the difference between child abuse and corporal punishment. Child abuse is when a parent or a caregiver fails to act upon action like injury, death, and emotional abuse with child abuse there are many forms of maltreatment, which includes neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation and emotional abuse. Corporal punishment is when a parent or other legal. Corporal punishment is a discipline method in which an administering adult inflicts pain upon a student usually using a paddle in response to a student's offensive behavior. It is still used in many U. Although corporal punishment is no longer tolerated in the military, prisons, or mental institutions, 21 states. All across the US corporal punishment is being given to students as a method of discipline.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporal Punishment

Corporal punishment can be defined as physical punishment that is meted out to someone because they have done something wrong. More often than not corporal punishment involves the use of canes to beat someone. Corporal punishment is normally meted out to children in schools by teachers and at homes by parents or guardians. As of corporal punishment has been banned in 24 countries, including Germany, Greece and the Netherlands. Nevertheless, it is still widely used by parents in their homes.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Corporal Punishment

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18 Corporal Punishment Pros and Cons

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Disadvantages Of Discipline

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