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The Effects of Oil Spills

Following an oil spill, there are specialists and veterinarians to deal with oiled wildlife. These experts are trained on how to clean oil from animals, rehabilitate them, and return them to the environment. Oil destroys the insulating ability of fur-bearing mammals, such as sea otters, and the water repellency of a bird's feathers, thus exposing these creatures to the harsh elements. Without the ability to repel water and insulate from the cold water, birds and mammals will die from hypothermia. Juvenile sea turtles can also become trapped in oil and mistake it for food. Dolphins and whales can inhale oil, which can affect lungs, immune function and reproduction. Many birds and animals also ingest oil when they try to clean themselves, which can poison them.

The Prevention of Oil Pollution pp Cite as. Petroleum and its components which have been released into the environment are eventually degraded into simple compounds of their constituent elements by physico-chemical or biological agencies, with or without human assistance, and become innocuous; but, in the process, they may cause serious damage to plants and animals or their physical surroundings and thus impede human exploitation of natural resources. It is difficult to quantify or even summarise the effects of such pollution, since oils themselves vary so much. Unable to display preview. Download preview PDF. Skip to main content. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available.

Petroleum contamination is a growing environmental concern that harms both terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. However, the public and regulatory and scientific communities have given more attention to the contamination of marine habitats. This is because marine oil spills can have a serious economic impact on coastal activities, as well as on those who exploit the resources of the sea. Thus, communities that are at risk of oil disasters must anticipate the consequences and prepare for them. Environmental pollution caused by petroleum is of great concern.

The effect of oil spills on land and water

In , the Hubble Telescope launched, the civil war in Cambodia ended, and free elections in Taiwan commenced. However, is also known for the infamous Persian Gulf oil spill, where somewhere between million and million gallons of oil were deliberately spilled by Saddam Hussein. The oil slick that was created was miles long by 42 miles wide creating a total of 4, square miles of oil. This spill is the largest recorded oil spill in history as well as one of the largest acts of ecoterrorism ever committed, and because of the Gulf War and its aftermath, it was not cleaned up in a timely manner. Although most of the floating oil was cleaned up within months of the disaster, that does not take into account the likelihood that hundreds of millions of barrels of oil soaked into the Earth between January and November of Barber, Although that incident was the largest oil spill in history, thousands of oil spills happen in US waters alone every year, and even though most are small and only spill less than a barrel of oil Office of Response and Restoration, , even spills that small are severe: an oil spill of less than a quart can create an oil slick that stretches for two acres Schutes, Because of the frequency and occasional scale of these spills, they have had adverse effects on all of the Earth, and not just underwater ecosystems.

Natural causes - such as oil that seeps from the bottom of oceans which enters the marine environment. Crude oil is formed during long periods of time through natural processes involving organic matter from dead organisms. Thus, oil exists in many environments and may be naturally spilled due to various factors including climatic conditions, disturbance, etc. Such natural oil spills may occur in oceans, due to eroding of sedimentary rocks from the bottom of the ocean the effect may be similar with that of an accidental oil spill from human drilling in oceans such as the recent BP oil spill from the Gulf of Mexico. Anthropogenic causes - including accidental oil spills such as the recent BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico as well as leaks and spills due to a large variety of human activities related to oil refining, handling and transport, storage and use of crude oil and any of its distilled products. Thus, it is evident that a variety of sources for oil spills and a variety of ways the oil could be spilled exist. While various anthropogenic and natural sources of oil spill pollution determine the type and amount of oil spilled, as well as the location of the oil spill, the type of the oil spill pollution is important for the fate and transport of the spilled oil and its impact on humans and the environment.

Oil spills have many adverse effects on the environment. However, efforts for spill containment and recovery are considered to be only moderately effective. Most.

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Jump to navigation. Oil spills into rivers, bays, and the ocean most often are caused by accidents involving tankers, barges, pipelines, refineries, drilling rigs, and storage facilities. Oil floats on saltwater the ocean and usually floats on freshwater rivers and lakes. Very heavy oil can sometimes sink in freshwater, but this happens very rarely. Oil usually spreads out rapidly across the water surface to form a thin layer that we call an oil slick.

Oil spills have a number of effects on the environment and economy. On a basic level, oil spill effects will damage waterways, marine life and plants and animals on the land. The impact of oil spills can also ruin the infrastructure and economy of a particular area with the long-term effects being felt for decades.

Oil spill , leakage of petroleum onto the surface of a large body of water. Oceanic oil spills became a major environmental problem in the s, chiefly as a result of intensified petroleum exploration and production on continental shelves and the use of supertankers capable of transporting more than , metric tons of oil. Spectacular oil spills from wrecked or damaged supertankers are now rare because of stringent shipping and environmental regulations.

Impact of Oil Spills on Marine Life

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An oil spill is the release of a liquid petroleum hydrocarbon into the environment, especially the marine ecosystem, due to human activity, and is a form of pollution.

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that cause spilled oil to break down and become heavier than water. Wave action may result in natural dispersion,. The Behavior and Effects. Of Oil Spills In.