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speaker of lok sabha powers and functions pdf

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In any legislative chamber, a presiding officer is required to facilitate the conduct of business and maintain order. In the Senate, the Speaker is responsible for guiding proceedings and preserving order and decorum during sittings.

House of Representatives

House of Representatives , one of the two houses of the bicameral United States Congress , established in by the Constitution of the United States. The House of Representatives shares equal responsibility for lawmaking with the U. As conceived by the framers of the Constitution, the House was to represent the popular will, and its members were to be directly elected by the people. In contrast, members of the Senate were appointed by the states until the ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment , which mandated the direct election of senators. Each state is guaranteed at least one member of the House of Representatives. The allocation of seats is based on the population within the states, and membership is reapportioned every 10 years, following the decennial census. House members are elected for two-year terms from single-member districts of approximately equal population.

The Speaker is the most powerful man in the Lok Sabha. He enjoys supreme authority in the House. He enjoys a status equal to that of the Chief Justice of India. Normally they are elected unanimously. The leader of the majority party proposes their names, after consulting the leaders of the opposition parties. The leader of the opposition party seconds the names so proposed. The election takes place only when there is disagreement between the majority party and the opposition parties.

The Parliament of India is a bi-cameral legislature. Parliament makes law with the help of its both the chambers. Laws passed by the parliament and approved by the president are enforced in the whole country. Its powers and functions can be classified in to following heads:. In concurrent list Parliamentary law is over riding than state legislative law. Constitution also have powers to make law with respect to state legislature in following circumstances:. When Rajya Sabha passes a resolution to that effect.

Difference between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha - Everything you need to know

Serving for a term of five years, the speaker chosen from sitting members of the Lok Sabha House of the People , and is by convention a member of the ruling party or alliance. The Speaker should be someone who understands Lok Sabha functions and it should be someone accepted among the ruling and opposition parties. MPs propose a name to the Pro tem speaker. These names are notified to the President of India. The President through their aide Secretary-General notifies the election date. If only one name is proposed, the Speaker is elected without any formal vote. However, if more than one nomination is received, a division vote is called.

In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Introduction to the Parliament of India 2. The Rajya Sabha 3. The Lok Sabha 4. Powers of the Parliament.

The Office of the Speaker occupies a pivotal position in our parliamentary democracy. It has been said of the Office of the Speaker that while the members of Parliament represent the individual constituencies, the Speaker represents the full authority of the House itself. Therefore, it is expected that the holder of this Office of high dignity has to be one who can represent the House in all its manifestations. With the televising of proceedings of Parliament, the small screen brings to millions of households in the country the day-to-day developments in the House, making the Speaker's task all the more important. The Speaker is looked upon as the true guardian of the traditions of parliamentary democracy. The Constitution of India provides that the Speaker's salary and allowances are not to be voted by Parliament and are to be charged on the Consolidated Fund of India. Term of Office.

and Deputy Speaker of the Lok Sabha and their counterparts in the state legislative Insofar as the duties and responsibilities of the speaker in India and his.


It is also called the Popular house because its members are elected directly by the people. As it is clear from its name it represents the people of India. It is a powerful and fully democratic house of the union parliament and its similar to the British house of commons.

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Speaker of the Lok Sabha: Functions and Position of the Speaker

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Role. The Speaker is the head of the Lok Sabha Secretariat which functions under his/her ultimate.

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Topics Covered: Appointment to various Constitutional posts, powers, functions and responsibilities of various Constitutional Bodies.

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The Speaker of the Lok Sabha is the presiding officer and the highest authority of the Lok 1 Election of the Speaker; 2 Powers and functions of the Speaker; 3 Removal The Speaker should be someone who understands Lok Sabha functions and it and Deputy Speaker and Nomination of Panel of Chairpersons​" (PDF).



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