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Still, merely saying, Nuts! There must also be a set of positive, proactive, and practical alternatives ready for you to use. Fire Your Doctor!

Fire Your Doctor!: How to Be Independently Healthy

Still, merely saying, Nuts! There must also be a set of positive, proactive, and practical alternatives ready for you to use. Fire Your Doctor! Health is a big subject and so is natural healing.

There seem to be more areas of study, more -ologies and -opathies , than you can possibly shake a stethoscope at. It takes some distillation to concentrate it down to good stuff, but that is likely why you picked up this book. You do not need to know every aspect of mechanics to be able to drive your car. You do not need to master every detail of electronics to use your computer.

And, by golly, you do not need to have an exhaustive knowledge of physiology or pharmacology to use your body. Rather, you need to know what works best to get you well and keep you well. That is the focus of this book: how we can get better using practical, effective, and safe natural therapies. Starting today; right now, in fact. It is about empowering yourself.

First off, you have got to want it. Are you sick of sickness? Then, say the Chinese, you are no longer sick. Secondly, Fire Your Doctor! You need to know what to do and how to do it. It just so happens that these others are physicians. I am not a physician and I am certainly not smart enough to make up this stuff. I am, however, able to find out which researchers and physicians are getting successful results and share their knowledge with you.

Mostly, Fire Your Doctor! It can be done, and you can do it. As a scrawny teen, high-school wrestling scared me green. I was quite terrified.

Our gym teacher, a paragon of gladiatorial efficiency, always paired us off by height. The problem was that I was tall but very skinny.

My equally tall adversary invariably turned out to be a varsity football lineman, easily three times my weight. Faced with the certainty of imminent pain, I had to gain the essentials not of wrestling, but of survival, and very quickly. Yes, I made a big human X, face down into the canvas. It worked, and I am here to tell the tale. I never won a match, but no one could pin me either. Fear had very nearly crippled me, but my circumstances forced the learning curve far beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Maybe you find yourself in an analogous position. With this book, you will have a stack of therapeutic alternatives and preventive strategies to protect your health. And all are drug-free. Okay, never getting pinned in wrestling is one thing; raising healthy kids is quite another. I raised my kids to college age and they never had a single dose of any antibiotic.

This book is about how you can learn to use natural therapies as we did. While talking with General George Blood and Guts Patton, a soldier confessed that he was afraid of battle. Patton replied, So am I, son. The soldier, truly surprised, said, You, General? Patton answered, Anyone who tells you that they are not afraid of battle is either a liar or a fool.

We are all afraid of something. Just try to tell a four-year-old not to be afraid of a hypodermic needle. Or try to tell a teenage boy not to be afraid of calling up a girl and asking her for a date.

Just try to tell a student pilot not to be afraid of flying an airplane solo for the first time. Or tell someone not to be afraid of major surgery. The way to eliminate fear is to expose it for the fraud it is.

Truth banishes fear. As there is no fear greater than the fear of getting a disease, we need the knowledge and tools to set ourselves free by taking control of our own health. As he coughed in my face, he told me he had recently gotten out of prison. He sought to prove his honesty by producing tattered but nonetheless recognizably official discharge papers. I happened to note, as he continued coughing, that he also had been diagnosed with tuberculosis TB.

I gave him a 50P coin to send him on his way so that I could breathe clean air again. For a long time afterward, I worried about getting tuberculosis. I mean, what an exposure! Then, to compound my anxiety, when I first started out as a college instructor, the only teaching job I could get was in state prisons.

My captive audience also coughed a great deal. One in eight prisoners tested positive for TB. I spent many hours in mostly unventilated rooms with a lot of very unhealthy men and women. As a condition of employment, prison faculty had TB tests, and fortunately mine remained negative. The conclusion I drew from this? Or, as the great bacteriologist Louis Pasteur put it, The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.

Our terrain is our body—the territory that you have responsibility for and authority over. We live in a world full of germs. But sometimes we remain timid. These are not facts; these are beliefs.

And, as this book will demonstrate, they are all unfounded. If your doctor does not believe in using vitamins, not only is that doctor behind the times, that doctor is not being scientific. Therapeutic nutrition is not a matter of belief; it is a matter of confirmed clinical experience. Belief systems can be wrong. It is not a matter of belief that vitamin C powder applied directly to herpes sores heals them overnight. It is not a matter of belief that high doses of oral vitamin C is the best systemic antiviral on Earth.

Nor is it a matter of belief that vitamin E stops heart disease. If you know something does not work, why belabor the issue? Try something else. Do not let fears or belief systems keep you from the most powerful, commonsense conclusion: There may be something you do not know about that may help you. Explore your options and look for yourself. Watch a procedure, then do it, and then teach it. Here, he added, Hold that clamp like this. He had no business letting me assist with surgery, but I began to learn how to learn: watch and copy.

Pay attention, my pound, red-faced flight instructor said. As much as I dreaded the flight test, I actually paid attention for a much stronger reason: I considered my overweight and hypertensive instructor to be a prime candidate for a mile-high heart attack.

If he was going to die in the air, I was not about to let him take me with him. I wanted to be able to control and land that plane in the worst way. I wanted to live. Motivation is a wonderful thing. No one wants to sicken and die, and sick people very much want to get well.

That is why the most common Internet searches are for information on health and disease. The title of this book is meant to confirm the notion that you can learn to manage your own health care. But how, when physicians are generally unwilling to teach us? Face it—most doctors do not explain their trade secrets any more than medieval guild members would show peasants how to make their own swords, purify their own silver, or read Latin.

If you made your own sword, why have craftsmen? If serfs had access to their own silver, they would buy their freedom. If everyone could read, well, history would change. When I am asked my goal in all of this, I answer, Each their own physician, today. I think one way to do this is to demystify medicine of its needlessly confusing terminology.

Another way is to simultaneously present both the validity and the simplicity of natural health care.

Vitamin C and the Immune System: Nutritional Fortification to Support Defenses Against Viruses

We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Do your ears feel blocked up? Excess wax can accumulate sometimes and make hearing difficult. Here are some tips on how to safely clean your ears, what not to do, and when you should see your doctor. Earwax, or cerumen, is a self-cleaning agent produced your body produces. It collects dirt, bacteria, and other debris.

The immune system defends the body from deadly invaders. The immune system detects a wide variety of agents and distinguishes them from healthy tissue. Once critically depleted, cells and tissues function improperly, furthering the downward spiral of illness towards death. The way I look at the relationship, it is the failure of an undernourished immune system that results in disease—not just the presence of germs. A healthy immune system requires many nutrients, including vitamin C 1.

Fire Your Doctor Cure Yourself

Learn how to make a complaint about a doctor. If you make a complaint about a doctor to the College of Physicians and Surgeons, you can also contact the police or sue the doctor for damages at the same time. In fact, if a doctor has harmed you and you want compensation, your option is to sue the doctor. The College cannot get money for you — only a court can do that. If you have a concern about a doctor that involves communication, conduct, or the treatment received, feel free to openly discuss it first with the doctor.

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How to be Independently Healthy. Backed up by numerous references from the medical literature. Considerable value for doctors and other health care professionals who have become discontented with what is being advocated by the orthodox authorities. Erik T. Paterson, M. The Batavia Daily News, November 30,

It can be hard to breathe after some serious illnesses, such as pneumonia or heart failure, or an attack of COPD or another lung disease. You may still need extra oxygen after you leave the hospital. And you may go home with a prescription for supplemental extra oxygen therapy. Supplemental oxygen therapy uses a tank or a machine to give you extra oxygen. This helps oxygen get to your lungs and heart, and other parts of your body. The extra oxygen can make you stronger and more alert.

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Dr. Andrew Saul - doctor

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Doctor Yourself: Natural Healing That Works

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Tips for Cleaning Your Ears Safely


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