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This essay will discuss whether leaders are born not made, with varies of theories being compared and contrasted and the strengths and limitations of leaders itself.

There has been a long time debate as people try to understand if leaders are actually born or they are made. This debate has resulted in different lines of thoughts as some people are of the opinion that leaders are born while others are of the contrary opinion Anton My position as far as this debate is concerned is that leaders are born and not made.

The Major Leadership Theories

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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Are Leaders born or are they made? Lauren Beel. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Are Leaders Born or are they Made? It is argued however that you cannot be a leader unless you are born with certain attributes which form your personality, ultimately forming the qualities of a leader.

Source; Collins, A leader is an individual that leads or commands a group of people; this may be within work, in an organisation, a country etc. It is an individual; that has the ability to be followed by others. Along with vison, drive and enthusiasm a leader is made up of many differing personal qualities. Firstly there is, openness, which includes, a sense of adventure, creativity and imagination.

Secondly there is conscientiousness, which can be translated into being efficient, organised, dependable and ambitious. Thirdly there is extroversion, which means being, outgoing and energetic. This is followed by agreeableness, which is built up of being cooperative, compassionate and friendly. Finally there is neuroticism, which is summarised as being sensitive towards others and being evenly tempered. Through upbringing? Another quality of becoming a good leader is setting an example and not telling others to do what you do not practise yourself.

He argued that envy is a large part of life but in general this is hidden and we are made to feel ashamed of becoming or feeling envious towards another person. However, if we handled this in the correct manner it could be turned around and embraced. When looking at a leaders personality, Sigmund Freud stated that personality is made up of three parts, this is the id, the ego and the superego Source; BooksCaps Study Guide, These three names symbolise the way that Freud sectioned off the brain he believed the id dominates your brain at birth, and that the id desires, wants; it needs to be fulfilled without any regard for others.

Freud believed that as you grow older and your brain develops further it sections off into a further two areas, the ego and the superego. The ego forms part of your personality which makes decisions and relies on reality principles and controls urges predominantly the id. The superego is your conscious, your sensitive side and it is said to make decisions rationally and decides what is acceptable.

A leader should have a fine balance on these three parts of the brain. For example if the id shows too much than the individual may be aggressive however if the superego showed too much, then the individual would be too fragile.

Our nature is our chemistry, our genetics and what we inherit from our family members. We inherit the way we look, but scientists are still trying to prove if our personalities are inherited also. We are born with a unique personality and how this is developed is argued greatly.

However if they are not embraced, would the person with this traits recognise that they had these traits at all? Nurture is the way we are brought up, the examples in life that are set, and the experiences we have. Nurture plays a large factor of who we are as individuals.

If we were brought up in a home of leaders would they influence us to become a leader ourselves? Alternatively if we were influenced throughout our lives that this does not necessarily mean that we have the personality to back this up. And they are made just like anything else, through hard work. Exhorting us, sometimes cursing us, but always holding us together in fight. Gone was the greatest tactician of them all. Today marked the end of an era that was rapidly becoming a legend.

Charles Handy agrees with this notion, he believes that leadership skills cannot be achieved through being taught. However he puts a twist on this and although he believes the skills cannot be taught he does believe they can be learnt, discovered, and be embraced with the attitude of being willing to grow.

Handy insists that for leadership to develop there are four key areas that need to be adopted Source; Sadler. It could also be argued that is a leader great in what they do because that is their field of interest? As a child did he enjoy playing with military figures and planes? If Captain Douglas Badger was to lead in a manufacturing environment would he have been as good at that as he was at flying? To be a leader you need representative qualities.

To be a good military leader you must possess physical courage. To be a good nurse you must possess empathy and a caring nature. To be a teacher you need knowledge and tactics. If you do not possess these then others will not follow your example. Therefore leadership not only lies with personality and how we act it also lies with our talents and our interests which cannot be taught but also arguable they cannot be learnt. This argument of nature vs nurture has been ongoing for many years and ultimately is a question of science, however many philosophers, leadership experts and corporations are trying to answer it.

They believe that what we believe about Leaders is what we expect a Leader to be for example if we expect the leader to be a superhero figure then we expect the leader to be a strong dictator and somebody who takes charge, but if we think a Leader should be dedicated and focused then we would expect the Leader to be strong and assertive. Similarly our beliefs about how someone has become a leader, born or made? Whereas if they believed that Leaders are made this shows that the individual is eager and keen to learn and develop and also could fulfil a Leadership role with their drive and enthusiasm.

In conclusion the question of nature vs nurture is simple. You need both nature and nurture to thrive as a Leader. Without nature of certain traits such as being outgoing or adventurous then you cannot nurture this, you cannot nurture what is not there.

Nature and nurture are equally important. If you are born with the skills of being outgoing and adventurous then these skills need to be embraced through nurture, the skills need to be built upon in order to recognise them and to achieve through them. Life skills and experience make the leader better but the leader was already there.

Second Edition. A behaviour genetic investigation of leadership style. Cambridge University Press. United Kingdom. Related Papers. By jana corpuz. Theories of Personality. By Janina Centeno. Theories of Personality 8 edition. By khayelihle siyaya. By Rezwana Afroze Ramisha. By Mikkel Svold. Download file. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Need an account?

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Leaders are made not born

What is it that makes some people excel in leadership roles? Leadership theories seek to explain how and why certain people become leaders. Such theories often focus on the characteristics of leaders, but some attempt to identify the behaviors that people can adopt to improve their own leadership abilities in different situations. Early debates on the psychology of leadership often suggested that such skills were simply abilities that people were born with. In other words, these theories proposed that certain people were simply "born leaders. As interest in the psychology of leadership has increased over the last years, a number of different leadership theories have been introduced to explain exactly how and why certain people become great leaders.

Argues that, in today's business climate, three levels of leadership are now emerging which replace single leaders, they are: team leaders — responsible for between 8 and 12 people; operational leaders — responsible for a sizeable area of the business; and strategic leaders — responsible for the whole organization. States that leaders cannot avoid being some kind of example but it is up to the individual's discretion whether it is a good or a bad example. Kippenberger, T. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback.

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PDF | This paper examines an age old question of whether leaders are born or made. The paper cannot be made, then this debate should. be concluded here​.

Leaders Are Born Not Made

The essay refutes the view that leaders are born not made, and seeks to establish through valid arguments, illustrations and documented evidence that leaders are actually made and not born. Folklore has lulled us into believing that some people are born leaders while others are not. Regardless of tribe, ethnicity or race, most people can trace their origins back to a monarchical or feudal system where the offspring of the reigning family found themselves thrust into leadership positions regardless of their inclinations to rule or not. To further impress this upon our collective psyches, the legends of such royal ancestors are interwoven with thrilling notions of romantic adventure and grandeur, and we unwittingly find ourselves mentally acquiescing to the untruth that some people are born to lead while others are destined to merely follow.

Great leaders are integral to the success of a business, but whilst the best leaders have many common assets, there are various effective approaches one can adopt when managing a team. While there are definitely inherent personality characteristics that might help us lead a team - some are more likely to step up and take the reins than others - this idea ignores our ability to learn and grow as individuals. It also neglects that leadership alters with time - how do you think the greatest leaders of the past years would fare running your organization in ?

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“Leaders are born not made” - A different view

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Are Leaders Born Or Made? - Pdf Download

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Leaders Are Born Not Made

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