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Soil erosion is the displacement of the upper layer of soil ; it is a form of soil degradation. This natural process is caused by the dynamic activity of erosive agents, that is, water , ice glaciers , snow , air wind , plants , animals , and humans.

Water Erosion

The term wind erosion refers to the damage of land as a result of wind removing soil from an area. Most often, wind erosion occurs on flat land in dry or sandy areas. For example:. Wind erosion can happen anywhere and any time the wind blows. Wind erosion can occur in any area where the soil or sand is not compacted or is of a finely granulated nature.

Far-Flung Dust Wind is a powerful force. It can carry huge amounts of dust over long distances. In the winter and spring of , winds eroded 45 million tons of dust from a spot called the Bodele Depression in the desert of northern Chad all the way across the Atlantic Ocean to Brazil. Solar Erosion The sun itself is actually an instrument of erosion! As rocks heat up, they expand. Expanding rocks can sometimes crack and crumble away.

Skip to content Ontario. Explore Government. PDF Version - 2. As part of providing accessible customer service , please email the Agricultural Information Contact Centre ag. Soil erosion is a naturally occurring process that affects all landforms. In agriculture, soil erosion refers to the wearing away of a field's topsoil by the natural physical forces of water Figure 1 and wind Figure 2 or through forces associated with farming activities such as tillage.

Soil erosion

Principles of Soil Conservation and Management pp Cite as. Water erosion is the wearing away of the soil surface by water from rain, runoff, snowmelt, and irrigation. Rainwater in the form of runoff is the main driver of water erosion. It refers to the movement of soil organic and inorganic particles along the soil surface with flowing water and deposition of the eroded materials at lower landscape positions and in aquatic ecosystems. The eroded material can either form a new soil or simply fill lakes, reservoirs, and streams.

scarcely perceptible, especially when caused by wind. Areas where loose, shallow topsoil overlies compact soil are most susceptible to sheet erosion. ▫Rill​.

Types of erosion

This is particularly true for places with the highest risk of erosion , such as watersheds in Indonesia, India, the Philippines and more. In these areas, protecting against soil erosion through sustainable land management can solve a multitude of problems. Soil is a natural resource that may look robust and endless, but is in fact the fragile product of thousands of years of formation. Topsoil, which lies closest to the surface of the land, contains essential nutrients for crops.


Effects of Wind Erosion

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PDF | On May 22, , S G Telkar and others published Soil m ha (​%) is subjected to soil erosion and some kind of land This type of erosion is very insidious, since it keeps the cultivator almost ignorant of its ill-.