Formulation And Evaluation Of Sustained Release Tablets Pdf

formulation and evaluation of sustained release tablets pdf

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Published: 19.04.2021

The aim of present investigation was to formulate and evaluate the sustained release matrix tablets of Repaglinide RPGN. Invitro drug release studies were performed by USP dissolution apparatus type-II paddle method using 0. Amongst all the 12 formulations, formulation F12 showed maximum drug release of It was observed from the kinetic studies that all the formulations followed first order kinetics and particularly the drug release from its dosage form was fickian diffusion F9, F12 , non-fickian diffusion F1-F8, FF

Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablets of Nifedipine

Pharmacy College, Paloncha - , Telangana, India. ABSTRACT: The objective of the present study is to develop a pharmaceutically stable sustained release matrix tablets of Baclofen and perform the pre-compression, post compression and in-vitro evaluation studies of developed formulation. All the formulations have showed acceptable Pharmacopeial standards. Formulation F9 have extended the release of Baclofen upto 12 h. Model fitting analysis for formulation F9 fitted in the zero order model and korsemeyer- peppas model. Sustained release technology is relatively new field and as a consequence, research in the field has been extremely fertile and has produced many discoveries.

Rabeprazole, a member of substituted benzimidazoles, inhibits the final step in gastric acid secretions. This drug claims to cause fastest acid separation due to higher pKa , and more rapidly converts to the active species to aid gastric mucin synthesis. The most significant pharmacological action of Rabeprazole is dose dependent suppression of gastric acid secretion; without anticholinergic or H2-blocking action. It completely abolishes the hydrochloric acid secretion as it is powerful inhibitor of gastric acid. Rabeprazole is acid labile and hence commonly formulated as an enteric coated tablet. The absorption of rabeprazole occurs rapidly as soon as tablet leaves the stomach.

Conventional drug delivery system for treating the angina and hypertension are not much effective as the drug do not reach the site of action in appropriate amounts. Thus potent and guarded therapy of this angina and hypertension disorder using specific drug delivery system is a challenging task to the pharmaceutical professionals. Most oftenly used method of regulating the drug release is to include it in a matrix system because of their pliability, hydrophilic polymer matrices are widely used in oral controlled drug delivery to obtain a desirable drug release pattern, methodical, and broad regulatory compliance. Formulation of Nifedipine sustained release matrix tablet was prepared by the polymers blend with to get desirable drug release profile. Evaluation parameters of formulated tablets were hardness, friability, thickness, drug content uniformity weight variation, and the in vitro drug release rate pattern. Sustained release dosage form is a modified dosage form that prolongs the therapeutic activity of the drug.

Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Matrix Tablets of Repaglinide

Methods: The ibuprofen matrix tablets were prepared by direct compression method using lactose as a diluent. Nineteen formulations of different polymer percentages were formulated, F1-F19 with 7. The formulation exhibited highest correlation R value in case of Hixson-Crowell model and the release kinetic study proved that the formulation showed erosion process, and shown to follow zero order kinetics. Conclusion: It was concluded that eudragit RL can be used for the preparation of sustained release tablet of ibuprofen. Peer Review. Plagiarism Check.

Formulation and evaluation of sustained release tablets of carvedilol

Shailesh T. Prajapati, Amit N. Patel, Chhagan N.

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A modified USP paddle method using minibaskets was used to study the effects of various formulations on in vitro dissolution of ibuprofen microspheres. Formulations containing waxes such as paraffin or ceresine wax without modifiers exhibited very slow dissolution profiles and incomplete release, which did not improve with increased drug loading or the preparation of smaller microspheres.

Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology

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