Cz2002 Object Oriented Design And Programming Ntu Pdf

cz2002 object oriented design and programming ntu pdf

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Each course lasts for a semester of 13 weeks.

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The main objective of this assignment is to : apply the Object-Oriented OO Design concepts you have learnt in the course, model, design and develop a quality OO application fulfilling the project. It will be used by the movie-goers and cinema staff. The following are information about the application:. The application act as a centralized location for making bookings for all the Cineplexes in different location managed by the vendor. Each Cineplex will have 3 or more cinemas.

Object-Oriented Design & Programming

Embed Size px x x x x Our school launched the part-time BEng CS Programme in to encourage people in the work force to pursue higher education and upgrade their skill sets. No different to our full time CS students, the part time students pursue the same core technical courses and many of the general education core courses in the four years programme. Additionally, students with relevant on-going engineering experience may be exempted for two courses - Multidisciplinary Design Project and Professional Internship. The programme is rigorous, challenging and interesting, and the classes for part-time undergraduates are conducted 3 to 4 nights a week.

Applied last year and failed to get in. This application was made during exam period of Semester 1, A. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Click the top of the result, the smaller score means better.

Do I have to add my pre-registered mods into the planner, and can I put more than one Major-PE although I'll only be taking one of them just in case? Regarding stars. You will be pre-registered a number of your approved UG courses during NTU course registration period in July Semester 1's application and Dec Semester 2's application. This application was made during exam period of Semester 1, A. Comment deleted by user 29 days ago 1 child.


Check out our Grad Stars telling us about their Graduation outfits! While other course planners try only to fit a workable timetable, this planner ensures you the minimum time you need to spend in school, and guarantees you sufficient lunch time every day. For technical issues e. Report Save. Can try asking in uWave. Fill in your course codes at "Enter course code" 2. Also are we supposed to put all my registered core courses in our stars planner?

Embed Size px x x x x MH Calculus for the Sciences This course aims to equip students with mathematical knowledge and analytical skills so that they are able to apply techniques of calculus along. MH Discrete Mathematics Learning Objective This Course introduces basic notions in discrete mathematics commonly used in mathematics and computer science. Content - counting, permutations and combinations, binomial theorem - recurrence relations - graphs, paths and circuits, isomorphisms - trees, spanning trees - graph algorithms e.

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NTU Year 2 Module - Contribute to CZ Object Oriented Design and Programming. Learning Refer to Project Final for more details.