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Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos Theory: Concepts and Applications Relevant to Pharmacodynamics

Chaos and Dynamical Systems presents an accessible, clear introduction to dynamical systems and chaos theory, an important and exciting area that has shaped many scientific fields. While the rules governing dynamical systems are well-specified and simple, the behavior of many dynamical systems is remarkably complex. Of particular note, simple deterministic dynamical systems produce output that appears random and for which long-term prediction is impossible. Using little math beyond basic algebra, David Feldman gives readers a grounded, concrete, and concise overview. In initial chapters, Feldman introduces iterated functions and differential equations.

This book introduces the full range of activity in the rapidly growing field of nonlinear dynamics. Using a step-by-step introduction to dynamics and geometry in state space as the central focus of understanding nonlinear dynamics, this book includes a thorough treatment of both differential equation models and iterated map models including a detailed derivation of the famous Feigenbaum numbers. It includes the increasingly important field of pattern formation and a survey of the controversial question of quantum chaos. Important tools such as Lyapunov exponents, fractal dimensions, and corr Important tools such as Lyapunov exponents, fractal dimensions, and correlation dimensions are treated in detail.

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Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics: An Introduction for Scientists and Engineers

The theory of nonlinear dynamical systems chaos theory , which deals with deterministic systems that exhibit a complicated, apparently random-looking behavior, has formed an interdisciplinary area of research and has affected almost every field of science in the last 20 years. Life sciences are one of the most applicable areas for the ideas of chaos because of the complexity of biological systems. It is widely appreciated that chaotic behavior dominates physiological systems. This is suggested by experimental studies and has also been encouraged by very successful modeling. Pharmacodynamics are very tightly associated with complex physiological processes, and the implications of this relation demand that the new approach of nonlinear dynamics should be adopted in greater extent in pharmacodynamic studies.

81. Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos: an Introduction

CUP D. Jordan and P. Prediction in chaotic nonlinear systems: Methods for time series with broadband Fourier spectra. Brain Dynamics The theories of chaos and nonlinear dynamics are applied to many fields such as sociology, economics, and biology. The chapters, by pioneers and experts in the field, share a unified perspective.

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Nonlinear dynamics and chaos: with applications to physics, biology 1. Chaotic behavior in systems. 2. Dynamics. 3. Nonlinear theories. 1. Title. A broad introduction to nonlinear dynamics, for students with no prior expo- sure to​.

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Ralf K.


This textbook is aimed at newcomers to nonlinear dynamics and chaos, especially students taking a first course in the subject.



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