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strength of materials questions and solutions pdf

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When a force is applied to a structural member, that member will develop both stress and strain as a result of the force. The applied force will cause the structural member to deform by some length, in proportion to its stiffness. Strain is the ratio of the deformation to the original length of the part:.

Strength of Materials, 4th Edition [Solutions Manual

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Strength of Materials Problems & Solutions

Strain is defined as the ratio of a change in volume to original volume b change in length to original length c change in cross-sectional area to original cross-sectional area d any one of the above e none of the above. Ans: d. Ans: b. Ans: c. Deformation per unit length in the direction of force is known as a strain b lateral strain c linear strain d linear stress e unit strain. It equal and opposite forces applied to a body tend to elongate it, the stress so produced is called a internal resistanpe b tensile stress c transverse stress d compressive stress e working stress.

In , the MIT subject 3. It also included several topics such as finite element methods, fracture mechanics, and statistics that are not included in most traditional Mechanics of Materials texts. These nontraditional aspects were designed to fit the curriculum in Materials Science and Engineering, but do not always fit the needs of instructors in other departments and schools. One approach to increasing the flexibility and adaptability of this materials-oriented text is to make discrete and coherent portions of it available as stand-alone modules. Instructors could then pick and choose among topics, and assemble a subject offering in whatever way they choose. It would also be possible for instructors of specialty engineering subjects, for instance bridge or aircraft design, to add modules on mechanics of materials aimed at their own needs. A series of such modules are now being developed under a National Science Foundation Course, Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement CCLI grant aimed at strengthening the links in the engineering curriculum between materials and mechanics.


Strength of Materials Objective Questions and Answers pdf free Download - Set 12

The reason is the electronic devices divert your attention and also cause strains while reading eBooks. The chapter wise segregation has been done to align with contemporary competitive examination pattern. It has been ensured from made easy team to have broad coverage of subjects at chapter level.

The property of a material by virtue of which it can be beaten or rolled into plates is called a malleability b ductility c plasticity d elasticity e reliability. If a material expands freely due to heating it will develop a thermal stresses b tensile stress c bending d compressive stress e no stress. In a tensile test, near the elastic limit zone, the a tensile strain increases more quickly b tensile strain decreases more quickly c tensile strain increases in proportion to the stress d tensile strain decreases in proportion to the stress e tensile strain remains constant. The stress necessary to initiate yielding is a considerably greater than that necessary to continue it b considerably lesser than that necessary to continue it c greater than that necessary to stop it d lesser than that necessary to stop it e equal to that necessary to stop it.

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Practice Test: Question Set - 1. The width b and depth d of a beam cut from a wooden cylindrical log of cm diameter for maximum strength are.

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Demonstrating the basic principles in the area of strength and mechanics of materials and structural analysis to the undergraduate students through a series of experiments is the objective of the strength of materials lab.



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