Data Interpretation And Logical Reasoning Solved Papers Pdf

data interpretation and logical reasoning solved papers pdf

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Published: 29.04.2021

CAT Question Papers

Last year, the total number of DILR questions were reduced from 32 to It remains to be seen what is the weightage of this setion in CAT In CAT , some important points about this section would be:. Though various examinations i. Hence, it becomes very necessary to understand this section and a CAT preparation plan.

CAT Preparation Plan for Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

Data Interpretation and logical reasoning is claimed to be the most difficult by many CAT aspirants. We give some important Logical reasoning set based from previous papers. It is considering a choice of 5 alternative ingredients O, P, Q, R, and S , which can be used in different proportions in the formulations. The table below gives the composition of these ingredients. In how many different ways can we prepare this diet by mixing at least two ingredients? The diet has to be formed by mixing two ingredients.

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Many of these questions have been inspired by past year CAT questions. Questions come with detailed explanations, with video solutions from Rajesh, our Director, and slideshows. Note: These are not mere exercise problems. Solving them can be very valuable, both for exposure to different question patterns, and for learning different concepts from the explanations. What is availabe in CAT Questions?

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation are essential parts of any competitive exam. The exam has four main sections from which the questions are taken in CAT Exam, i. Best Books for Mathematical Skills

The tests provided by coaching institutes, more often than not, are much tougher than the actual CAT questions. This is one of the key reasons I suggest students not to take their mock scores too seriously, especially when it comes to the LR-DI section. The challenge is becoming even more ominous since the launch of the new pattern where 1 full hour will be dedicated to Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation in the exam. The few books which are available cover a large range of questions from too easy to too tough and the same ideas repeated over and over again.

best book for logical reasoning and data interpretation

Data Interpretation PDF questions are here.

CAT Preparation 2021: Data Interpretation

He suggests that students should spend some time at the beginning of the test to categorize the questions to be easy, moderate, or difficult. Explore various courses on Data Interpretation from India's top educators on Unacademy. Learn to calculate the percentage increase or decrease or the comparison ratio. From where can I practice question of data interpretation? This is partly due to the CAT Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning being time consuming, lengthy calculations and difficult to comprehend questions. It is important to go through the syllabus and understand the weightage of the most important topics.

Logical Reasoning is the second section in CAT exam. Around 16 questions will be asked from this topic in the form of sets having questions in each LR set. This section tests the logical ability of a candidate to solve a given problem. LR Logical Reasoning questions can be considered as puzzles. They mainly have questions from the following topics. Enroll here:. CAT Previous papers download pdf.

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Data Interpretation Questions and Answers

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The PDF has CAT Logical Reasoning questions followed by the right answers. Syllabus here: CAT Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation Syllabus.

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UGC NET PAPER 1 Study Materials. Data Interpretation has many types of question formats, we have to sense the data and answer the questions. Year: Cat.