Calcium And Iron Absorption Mechanisms And Public Health Relevance Pdf

calcium and iron absorption mechanisms and public health relevance pdf

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Calcium and Iron Absorption - Mechanisms and Public Health Relevance

Cow's milk consumption and iron deficiency anemia in children. Maria A. Breast milk contains adequate iron for full term babies in the first 6 months. Thereafter, an additional iron-rich diet becomes essential. In recognition of the importance of the diet in triggering anemia, this paper discusses the relationship in children between a high intake of cow's milk and iron deficiency anemia. Gastrointestinal and allergic problems may be caused by early introduction of cow's milk or by its substitution for breast milk. Furthermore, cow's milk has decreased iron density and bioavailability, excess protein and minerals, notably calcium, and thus interferes in the absorption of iron from other foods, and is also linked to small intestinal hemorrhage in young children.

Evidence suggests that calcium does not have any significant long-term effect on iron absorption. In addition, milk and milk products have not been found to affect iron absorption. As the bioavailability of nutrients can sometimes be affected due to interactions, concerns have been raised about the potential for calcium to influence iron absorption. While short-term studies suggest that calcium may interfere with iron absorption, long-term calcium and milk product intake has not been linked to any adverse effect on iron status. Most short-term studies which have indicated that calcium may be detrimental to iron absorption have focused on single meals.

Calcium and Iron Absorption: Is There an Interaction?

Background: Calcium is the only reported dietary inhibitor of both heme- and nonheme-iron absorption. It has been proposed that the 2 forms of iron enter a common pool in the enterocyte and that calcium inhibits the serosal transfer of iron into blood. Objectives: We aimed to ascertain whether the inhibitory effect of calcium occurs during initial mucosal uptake or during serosal transfer and to compare the serosal transfer of heme and nonheme iron, which should not differ if the 2 forms have entered a common mucosal iron pool. Design: Whole-gut lavage and whole-body counting were used to measure the initial uptake 8 h and retention 2 wk of heme and nonheme iron with and without a calcium supplement mg. Calcium did not affect the serosal transfer of either form of iron. Conclusions: Calcium supplementation reduced heme and total iron without significantly affecting nonheme-iron absorption, regardless of meal bioavailability.

Iron has many special functions in the body. A compound that carries oxygen to the muscle cells called myoglobin, also requires iron. In addition, iron has a role in many chemical reactions within the body that generate energy. A human body can store excess iron as a reserve. The World Health Organization reported that iron deficiency anemia is one of the most widespread nutrient deficiencies in the globe.

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Calcium and iron absorption--mechanisms and public health relevance.

International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research , 80, pp. This has caused concern as increased Ca intake commonly is recommended for children and women, the same populations that are at risk of Fe deficiency. However, a thorough review of studies on humans in which Ca intake was substantially increased for long periods shows no changes in hematological measures or indicators of iron status. Thus, the inhibitory effect may be of short duration and there also may be compensatory mechanisms. The interaction between Ca and Fe may be a lumenal event, affecting Fe uptake through DMT1 divalent metal transporter 1 at the apical membrane.

Factors Affecting Iron Absorption and Mitigation Mechanisms: A review

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Hemochromatosis is a genetic disorder that causes an excessive build-up of iron in the body.