Greetings from the Club Growth Director

Hello East Africa,

How wonderful it is to serve such dedicated and committed leaders in Toastmasters East Africa as Club Growth Director. Following “Big Footsteps” of my Predecessor is a challenge and a task that will require all your support to match and achieve our territorial goals.  Thank you for allowing me serve you in the year 2018-2019


The Territorial Council inaugural year achieved 100% growth through the guidance of Harry Karanja DTM. The total chartered clubs are at 34 plus 11 prospective clubs. In keeping with this tread, this year we aim to growth both in number of clubs and number of members as per the District Succcess Plan shared by the  District Chair – TCEA 114 Rozy Rana .

Our specific goals this coming year are:

  1. To establish a District Marketing Team, Club Extension Subcommittee, Sponsors subcommittee, Mentors Subcommittee, Coaches Subcommittee
  2. To grow the current 34 clubs to 68 chartered clubs by June 2019
  3. To achieve 100% member renewal through retention programs

The District Marketing team and I will support  Division Directors, the Area Councils – Assistant Club growth directors in recruiting and supporting volunteers to serve as Club Sponsors, Club Mentors and Club Coaches within then the Toastmasters Program.

The dynamic and potential of Toastmasters growth in TCEA114 is expected to be exponential. You are part of this great journey to becoming a district.


To ensure that our club grow with support within The Toastmasters International structure these are the Key action points

  1. District Marketing Team under the Club Extension Chair will receive club leads from each area to the Club Extension Committee. Each area will need representation in this committee to ensure  there 10 awareness meetings by June 2019 recommended one per month.  Each Area is expected charter 4 clubs in the year 2018-2019
  2. District Marketing Team under the Club Extension Chair will support at least one corporate demonstration per month per area to  ensure more corporate clubs are chartered by June 2019. Each Area is expected to charter one corporate club in the year 2018-2019
  3. District Marketing Team under the Club Extension Chair will assign club recruit and assign club sponsors to assist the chartering of new clubs. Every area is expected to recommend potential club sponsor for training and support.
  4. District Marketing Team under the Club Retention Chair will receive club coaching requests from the Division Directors and Area Directors, review and assign coaches to the clubs. Each Area will need representation in the club coach committee.
  5. District Marketing Team under the Club Retention Chair promote member building programs in each Area to promoted member retention.
  6. District Marketing Team under the Club Quality Chair will appoint club mentors from the Club Mentors committee to support chartered clubs in the first six months after charter.  Each Area will need representation in the club mentors subcommittee.
  7. In partnership with PQD ensure training for all committee members together with Division Directors and Area Directors to achieve 100% club growth and close at 68 chartered clubs by June 2019


Comment below this post or email me  if you have any questions, comments or concerns and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Gladys Muhunyo
Club Growth  Director
District 114-EATC


Message to Club Presidents and Secretaries – Assign your Club Proxy

All chartered Club Presidents and Secretaries will have received a notification from Toastmasters International informing you that your club has important votes to cast during the Annual Business Meeting at the Toastmasters International Convention and that Clubs will vote to elect international officers and directors to the 2018-2019 Board of Directors as well as vote on Proposal A: an amendment to the Bylaws of Toastmasters International.

For your information, the following officials of the Territorial Council will be travelling to Chicago and plan to attend the meeting on Saturday, August 25, at 7 a.m. in the Skyline Ballroom at McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois.

Should you wish to assign your proxy to any one of us, please feel free to do so and send an email to the assignee with your details:

  1. Rozmina Rana, Member NO: 000777023
  2. Gladys Muhunyo, Member No.: 6507749

Please send an email with confirmation of your proxy assignment to: and

Thank you




Dear Friends and Members,

We’re Rebranding and Re-voicing Eastern Africa; Territorial Council 114.

Sauti ya Toastmasters bi-monthly newsletter is here. This is a safe space for us to talk. Let’s talk about what we do, how we do it and why we do it. As Toastmasters of Eastern Africa, heading towards District status, we have abundant dreams, are brimming with ideas and with the new leadership, there is no end to the vivacity. In our first issue, there is a copious amount of information;

Rozy Rana, East Africa Territorial Council Chair, share her vision for 2018-2019. Read and become re-inspired to re-energize

Matthew George, the 2018 East Africa Conference Chair, talks about the heights he reached, during preparations and the valleys he overcame.

Do you aspire to win a speech contest?

Read about Bob Otiende, a novice to Toastmasters, and Dorcas Soita, a mentor, both share their powerful guides to winning contests.

Photos of Lubowa Toastmasters Charter Party and so much more…

 Meet the Team:

Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva (CC, CL)

Sheba Njagi (CC, ALB)

 Lydia Kobusinge,

Harry Karanja (DTM)

 Amon Nsengimana



 Twitter: @ToastmastersEA

Telegram: @TMeastafrica

Instagram and Facebook: @ToastmastersEastAfrica


+256 782 764335

Beverley Nambozo Nsengiyunva,

Public Relations Manager